How to Make Your Own Perfume


When wandering the endless aisles of perfumes, it can sometimes seem like the shelves hold questions instead of pretty bottles. Choices can seem more like lucky guesses, especially when we find that elusive scent. Have you ever stood back and wondered if you would find that special perfume, the one to truly express who you are, or the one that has the power to turn the heads of passersby? Did you ever just wonder if it was easier to make your own perfume?

There may be a way to make choosing perfume not only easier, but more pleasurable and exciting. Our sense of smell is closely linked to our emotions and memories, and the smells that trigger them often fall into one or more certain categories. These come in common groups, such as Floral (flowers), Green (grass, trees), Citrus (lemon, grapefruit), Fruit (berries, tropical), Ocean (fresh), Gourmand (chocolate, vanilla, sweets) and Oriental (exotic, musk).

There are people throughout time who have made fragrances all their lives. One such person, Juan Floris, created what is now the oldest perfume retailer in the UK; the eponymously named Floris. In fact, the business is still run by eighth and ninth generation descendants, while a long line of well-known, long-time customers have graced Floris’ halls. Of whom, Winston Churchill and Ian Fleming are perhaps the most famous, Churchill even frequenting Floris for 30 years.

During a similar lifetime, Marilyn Monroe had her own one-of-a-kind Floris perfume sent to her hotel. Ranulph Fiennes took a bottle of Floris fragrance on his Arctic expedition in the 1970s (it seems no matter where you are, you have to smell good). It is easy to see why this company currently holds two Royal Warrants, and has had 15 others since opening.



Can you imagine having the oldest, and most respected, perfumer create a fragrance just for you? Picture, just for a moment, having three private sessions with a professional perfumer at Floris, each one dedicated to to you and finding your unique scent. Rare essential oils from around the world will be used, just for you. Floris creates this masterpiece by selecting a base fragrance and uses your own tastes, emotions and styles to accumulate a variation of aromas. You are presented with each selection before picking out the ones to be included. When you are done, you will be able to take home 100ml of your special fragrance and can repeat your order up to five times.

Create Your Signature Fragrance

The consultations alone require six months, but why does creating your own perfume take so long you ask? The fact is, you should never choose a perfume on your first impression. There are three parts to a perfume. What hits your nose immediately, is part one, and it evaporates right away. The second part is more relaxed; it is what you can smell after a few minutes. The third is the most important. It can take about an hour to discern, but this would be the fragrance you would smell for the longest duration and the one that creates that desirable, lasting effect.

But do not think, even for a moment, that perfume is only for women. As was noted before, many famous men have picked a special fragrance to wear, and smell is one of the first things we remember when thinking of a time, place and person – be they man or woman.

If you ever find yourself overwhelmed with perfume choices, and wonder if making your own perfume is the way to go, look no further than an ultimate professional like Floris, and the many experiences you can enjoy with their guidance.

Create a Gentleman’s Fragrance

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