A Meat Lover’s Dream: M Restaurant with The Foodaholic

So some of you may know (but hopefully not) that I recently turned 30! It’s something I’ve not been looking forward to and I’ve absolutely no reason to why. But it’s done, it’s over, I’m 30 and I can’t do anything about it – except lie of course. If your friends ask, I’m 25. But with all that birthday excitement in mind, I recently received a lovely little gift in the post from Truly Experiences and it took me right into the heart of London to enjoy it.

Truly believes that experiences bring more happiness than material possessions and I couldn’t agree more with that vision. We got to enjoy that Truly ethos at M Restaurant on Threadneedle Street in The City. An award-winning grill restaurant with a sumptuous bar that even includes a Veuve Clicquot table soccer table that I really wanted to take home.

Our Truly Experience included an exclusive four course menu for two with a signature cocktail each in M Den cocktail bar and was priced at a very reasonable £80. But for those looking for something else meaty there was lots of other menus and venues to choose from. We started by enjoying two delicious fruity and boozy concoctions, but my favourite was the pornstar martini – garnished with a little lime for zestiness.

Of course, no meal is complete without wine and given we were about to enjoy lots of meat we ordered a bottle of the restaurant’s signature M Collection Malbec. Very rich, chocolatey and meaty. The perfect accompaniment to our menu. To start us off on our journey and as part of our menu we enjoyed some pulled and puffed beef puffs with a black garlic aioli which I loved and some black taramasalata with dipping bread, which I didn’t love as much. But the star for me was the surprise from the kitchen of a foie gras appetiser.

First of our dishes chosen from the menu turned out the be the real winner of the starters. A smoked wagyu tartare which was of the highest grade cut and served under a bell which was full of smoke that infused into the meat. Apple came in the form of five ways, lashings of foie gras were grated over the top and a perfectly cooked 62 degree egg yolk moulded it all together. As far as steak tartare goes this was rather good indeed.

Our other starter of chicken karaage was incredibly crispy and covered in a beautiful golden crumb. The moist chicken came served with a wasabi mayonnaise and a topping of chili and garlic – for extra flavour. A lovely dish for those a fan of everything crispy and fried.

Of course a meal at any M Restaurant wouldn’t be complete without trying what they are famed for – their meat! We opted for the Argentine black Angus fillet of rump. A generous 250g as part of the menu and it didn’t disappoint. Cooked to my medium-rare as requested and with all the smokiness I’d hoped for. The dish came with a side of some very lovely M signature skin-on chips, seasonal greens and choice of dipping sauces. The chimichurri was the winner.

Dessert here was a rather funny moment for us if I’m honest. Two desserts, one each and one clearly four times the size of the other. A little disappointed at first being that smaller one mine (of course), but take a bite and you realise just why. A plate dotted with white chocolate mousse, coconut mousse, lychee gel and yuzu gel. Each flavour held its own on the plate and together in the mouth they worked so well. Because of the sweetness and richness the quantity ended up being perfect too. I also loved the lemon pistachio tart, with pistachio ice cream and meringue. Very refreshing, but also decadent.

I really did love my Truly experience, and M Restaurant on Threadneedle Street was a lovely space too, with some even better service that went beyond my expectations. If you’re looking for a delicious meal in The City of London then you’ll have a great time here, but if you’re looking for a delicious meal at even better value then treat yourself to a Truly Experience. It’s perfect for yourself, loved ones and almost every other occasion – ranging from restaurant experiences to hotel accommodation. I know what my family is getting for Christmas this year.

Read more of my restaurant reviews at thefoodaholic.co.uk! – Gary J Berry