A Luxury Travel Guide to Costa Rica

Luxury Travel in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a true nature lover’s paradise – but in order to admire the sloths and monkeys and breathe the lush air of the rainforests you don’t have to sleep in a bleak mosquito infested dorm. There are several superb resorts in Costa Rica where you can relax in luxury and enjoy the rainforest in comfort.

There are also several excellent tour companies for luxury travel in Costa Rica that will give you a guided glimpse into this country’s biodiversity and educate you on Costa Rica’s flora and fauna. Costa Rica means “rich coast” and when you discover the riches that this destination has to offer you will see why. Visit a working coffee plantation, wander through the lush Osa Rainforest and try active outdoor adventures such as white water rafting, kayaking, horseback riding and much more.

If you are looking to experience Costa Rica in style, read on for our luxury travel in Costa Rica guide.

Luxury Travel in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Luxury Resorts

Costa Rica is home to some of the finest resorts in the world, where you can lose all of your cares amidst the soft sand and clear water or get lost in the wild and beautiful rainforest. Many of these fine hotels offer spa facilities, private chefs, paddleboard rentals, golf carts and more – as well as their own private beaches.

  •         Hotel Arenas Del Mar – This five star property is located only a short walk from the lush and biodiverse Manuel Antonio National Park. There are plenty of rainforest hiking trails here to explore, so bring your hiking shoes. The resort is renowned for how green it is – it is carbon neutral and it has a Five Sustainability Leaf Award
  •         JW Marriott Guanacaste Resort and Spa – This high-end hotel offers a stunning collection of pools, an almost-deserted beach and an excellent restaurant serving fresh seafood. Also, the spa itself is a glorious place to relax and pamper yourself after a day of hiking in the rainforest
  •         Finca Rosa Blanca – This welcoming and luxurious inn is located on a sustainable coffee plantation surrounded by hiking trails, jungle and tropical gardens. It offers 11 quirky and bright rooms decorated with colourful murals. The restaurant serves fantastic cuisine cooked with ingredients that are sourced on site
  •         Gaia Hotel and Reserve – This stunning luxury hotel is located within a 14 acre nature reserve, giving it a peaceful and private feel. The service is top notch and attentive and the rooms are airy and spacious. A delicious breakfast is served and if you keep your eyes peeled there is a chance that you might spot sloths, iguanas and other creatures

Luxury Travel in Costa Rica

The Very Best Nature Experiences

Costa Rica offers beautiful forests that are home to over 880 bird species, 200 mammals, 2000 butterflies, 50 species of hummingbirds and so much more. It is a fascinating destination for nature lovers to explore and on even a short walk in a national park you will be able to see a huge amount of wildlife that you will not see in any other place in Central America.

There are nature experiences that are easily accessible on a day hike, but there are also adventures to be found that are far off the beaten path. There are pristine forests that are only accessible by foot, boat or lightplane and mountain roads that make for a harrowing drive.

Take a rafting tour on the Pacuare River and experience the rush, power and beauty of this rushing gorge. Go on a peaceful kayak tour through the serene landscape around Arenal Lake while admiring the views of the Arenal Volcano. Walk through the lush forest canopy of the famous Cloud Forest National Park at Monteverde.

Take a tour to Tortuguero, the nesting grounds of the endangered leatherback sea turtle. This area is known for its natural beauty, winding canals and beaches that are popular with various species of turtles. The turtles lay their eggs in nests under the sand and they hatch in the evenings. The baby turtles dig their way out of the sandy nest and make their way to the sea – an amazing natural phenomenon to behold first hand.

Fine Dining in Costa Rica

Costa Rican cuisine is more than just beans and rice – there are many fantastic food experiences made with exciting local ingredients. Check out the Restaurante Grano de Oro in San Jose, a local favourite that is run by French chef Francis Canal. He prepares a range of mouth-watering European dishes with Costa Rican ingredients. This restaurant is also known for its excellent selection of wines that are expertly matched with the dishes.

Another superb dining experience is El Mirador Bar and Restaurant, which is the eatery at Arenas Del Mar resort. This restaurant flies in prominent US chefs for a series of five course tasting menus with course after course of inventive and creative takes on local ingredients – such as cacao paste from the nearby Villa Vanilla Spice Plantation.

If you stay at Finca Rosa Blanca, have a meal at the El Tigre Vestido Restaurant and Bar Buho. This restaurant uses ingredients grown naturally on site including hydroponic herbs grown in the greenhouse and fruits from the trees. Enjoy a delicious traditional lunch here, with black beans, salad, rice, plantains, vegetables, homemade tortillas and chicken, fish or beef fajitas. Of course, make sure that you try some of the plantation coffee with your meal. Sometimes the coffee is even used in the cuisine, such as in dishes like chicken with tamarind and coffee sauce or roasted tomato espresso soup.

From top notch resorts to nature tours to fine dining, these are just a few of the experiences that you can look forward to when discovering the luxurious side of Costa Rica.

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