Luxury Mother’s Day Gifts for 2015

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Thanks to the plethora of gifts and experiences out there, one has so many ways to say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’. Here are a few luxury Mother’s Day gifts that don’t involve flowers, but do rather better in showing mum you are as special as she thinks you are.

Wrap it around Her Wrist

If your mother loves her jewellery, you might have found her piéce de résistance. This bespoke bangle is handcrafted to her specifications after a consultation with an artisan at Halcyon Days. Mum can have the experience of designing her own 18ct gold or palladium bangle at the very place that holds all three Royal Warrants.


It takes place in the flagship Mayfair shop on Brook Street, where mum can take the opportunity to explore the infinite bespoke options at Halcyon Days.

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A Heartfelt Keepsake

Known for its signature enamel boxes, Halcyon Days has yet another gem among its luxury Mother’s Day gifts.

A personalised enamel box can be designed by mum, no matter how picky she may be, with the guidance of an in-house designer in a consultation room specifically for the guest of honour. The art of crafting enamel to copper began in the 1740’s, and mum can help to carry on this tradition at Halcyon Days. She will be able to choose decorations, specifications, colours and top it all of with a personal message.

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The Story of Her Life

Usually when mum said, “when I was your age…” we rolled our eyes. What an experience it would be to hear her story; the one about her family, home town, her struggles and accomplishments. An ‘autobiography of mum’ would be the chance to have all those great family stories written down forever.

Three Standing 3 Shiney Shelf

This gift begins with a professional ghost-writer meeting face-to-face with mum 12 times, conducting nine interviews, two reviews and a final edit. The writer would meet with mum at her home, so photos and information would be ready to hand to help illustrate her story. After the necessary materials have been collated, she would receive five hardback copies of her story.

For someone interested in genealogy, or just family stories, this would be a fun opportunity for mum to share her tale without her evening meal getting cold. What’s more, it’s available wherever you are in the world.

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A Gift from one Family to Another

Some of our mums are practical. A handbag is quite useful, no matter what age mum is. Let her solve all those ‘which bag?’ dilemmas with a bespoke handbag by Deni-Deni. As a family firm, Deni-Deni seems just right for a Mother’s Day experience.


Mum will have a one-on-one consultation at home or at Deni-Deni’s, where she will discuss ideas for shape, types of leather and materials, as well as a final sketch of the proposed handbag. Being made from scratch, every detail on the handbag will be personalised before being made as close to perfection as possible.

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Show Her a Good Time

If mum assures you not to worry about gifts, there are still ways to show her your love and thanks. The theatre, for instance, is a different and fun way to celebrate Mother’s day.

Mum can pick from multiple well-known musicals, stay overnight in a five-star hotel and enjoy a pre-theatre dinner. She will have a personalised itinerary, with maps, timings and tips set up for her visit.

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With these luxury Mother’s Day gifts, it’s easy to find a thoughtful and unforgettable gift for your mum.

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