Luxury Christmas Gifts for Your Sister


If you think your sister is really that difficult to buy for, we’re the first to tell you she doesn’t have to be. Just remember that these experiences are to be enjoyed together, meaning even though you’re buying it for her, it’s very likely you’ll get something out of it too. Discover our round-up on luxury Christmas gifts for your sister below.


Cocktail aficionados, as indeed there are such people, are in for a treat in London. The Purple Bar not only serves up some of the most exotic drinks we’ve seen in the capital, but it’s also about 80% purple. The bar’s Garden of Earthly Delight will remain one of our favourite drinks for some time to come.

If purple’s not her thing, then drinks courtesy of the award-winning Oskar might be. Oskar’s bar is situated underneath the Michelin star Dabbous, and has on its menu the sort of mixology you won’t find anywhere else. With beverages such as ‘Rye Rye Rye Delilah’ and ‘Beer Grylls’, the line up is puns galore.


purple bar

Bespoke Champagne Dinner

L’Etranger might not be the restaurant on everybody’s lips at the moment, but one day it will be. They do have, according to Imbibe, ‘the best champagne list in the UK’, not to mention their selection of over 1,500 table wines. Along with the various champagnes to sip on during dinner, the menu is customisable based on her preferences and whatever seasonal ingredients are available.

Milan Shopping

It’s generally thought that Milan is the centre of the fashion world, and with the designers Armani, Dolce and Gabbana, and Versace among the local residents, it’s a bit difficult to argue. Milan is also the home to the flagship stores of world-renowned brands. These glorious emporiums are just waiting to be browsed by the discerning fashionista.


Harrods Shopping Spree

If shopping is your sister’s raison d’être, but would rather keep the experience closer to home, then the UK’s best-known department store might be what’s in order. Even if you’d like to accompany her but are not much of a fan of retail therapy yourself, a 60-minute massage might do much to change your mind.


If you’ve ever experienced one of Claude Bosi’s dishes, then you’ll appreciate what a genius of the culinary arts he is. If not, then we’d rather abstain from spoiling the surprise. But we will say this: whatever perceptions she has of how cooking food should be done, at least for one evening she’ll need to forget them.

Wine Tasting

South Africa produces some fine reds, and Bouchard Finlayson is accountable for a good number of those. Take the Hannibal blend, deemed an almost perfect wine by the SA Wine Index and possessing a bold and complex palette of flavours of which many similar wine houses are the envy of. On this experience, the very finest Bouchard Finlayson wines are paired with traditional South African appetisers.

xmas gifts for her amsterdam

2 Nights in Amsterdam

If she’s got the time and the budget she could travel anywhere, so why Amsterdam? Well, if we were to highlight only one aspect of the city, it would be the architecture. Old drawbridges traverse the river Amstel, century-old windmills dot the landscape out of town, and the traditional gabled facades of the houses that line the banks of the canals are just a part of what makes Amsterdam so unique.

Ananda in the Himalayas

TRULY possesses an inexhaustive selection of spa experiences, but if you’re really wanting to push the boat out for her, then there is one that just might change her life. Therapists, masseurs, philosophers, chefs and those in touch with the spiritual world provide invaluable treatments and advice that not only help rejuvenate the mind and body, but can also provide her with the appropriate knowledge to take and use at home.

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