Luxury Christmas Gifts for Your Son

Luxury Christmas Gifts for Your Son

Bentley Continental GT Speed // Image: Andrew Xu, Flickr

In the next of our exclusive luxury Christmas present guides, we look at some luxury Christmas gifts for your son – including a present to test his hand-eye coordination and one to test his nerves!

The High Life

Whisky was long considered the preserve of the cultured man, to be drunk only when the ladies had retired for the evening. Treat your son and another guest (hopefully you!) to a whisky and cheese pairing session to allow him to learn about which whiskey should accompany certain cheese – a lesson which will stand him in good stead for the rest of his life.

If your son enjoys one of life’s little indulgences, consider upgrading this experience to a whiskey and cigar experience with this present, held on of London’s finest bespoke cigar bars.


Whisky Tasting
The fine scotches on offer when whisky tasting at the 5-star Capital Hotel bar

Go Outdoors

There is perhaps no name more synonymous with clay pigeon shooting than Holland and Holland. As one of the world’s most famous, and oldest, gun makers, Holland and Holland provide a one hour, private, clay pigeon shooting tuition. The session is held just outside of central London and is conducted by one their famed tutors – together the team hold more than 100 years of shooting experience.

Suitable for the novice right through to a regular ‘shooter’, this gift promises to test anyone’s mettle and give them expert tuition to improve their ‘shooting eye’.

The Thrill of the Chase

The thrill of riding a motorbike is second to none and the name Harley Davidson is a brand which everyone has heard of. The low rumble of a Harley is one of life’s finest man-made noises and combined with some of Britain’s best roads, this Harley Davidson bike tour gift is one for the petrol head.

A Harley Davidson Softail is your metal steed for three days with luxury stays in Brighton and Canterbury your accommodation as you weave down along the South-East coast. With a mapped out course for you, all you have to do is to rev the engine, listen to the roar and enjoy the power as you ride one of America’s most famous exports.


Floris for Men
Some of Floris’ famous fragrances

High Fashion

In today’s world men can express themselves through fashion like never before. Handmade suits, bespoke shirts, luxury shoes – all of these can be found in the modern man’s wardrobe. However, to set all of these offer why not give your son the chance to create their very own bespoke aftershave?

A 90 minute private consultation at the UK’s oldest perfume shop will allow your son to discuss his likes and dislikes with an expert consultant. By choosing a base fragrance your son can then add his own style, likes and favourite smells to create his own, identifiable personalised aftershave. With this whenever he is asked by an admirer what aftershave he is wearing, he can answer quite honestly “mine”.

Into the Sunset

Most men would love to be a presenter on BBC’s Top Gear – the chance to drive some of the world’s most famous supercars across the globe is a chance not many would pass up. Now with TRULY’s exclusive driving experience, your son can do just that.

This gift gives them the chance to drive what is widely regarded as some of the world’s finest roads – the Flüela and Stelvio mountain passes – in either a Ferrari F430 Spider or the Lamborghini Gallardo – two of the finest thoroughbreds in today’s automotive world. A once in a lifetime opportunity which your son will remember forever.

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