Luxury Christmas Gift Ideas 2014

Luxury Christmas Gift Ideas 2014

Christmas is a time to spend with loved ones and to give them those extra special presents to show just how much you care. While it can be difficult to know exactly what to get the people in your life, TRULY brings you ideas to suit anyone with these luxury Christmas gift ideas 2014.

Luxury Christmas Gift Ideas

Beering Aid

There are many men who will tell you that drinking beer is serious business and there can be little room to argue given the recent explosion in the craft beer industry. Now, TRULY brings you the opportunity to treat the beer lover in your life to a once in a lifetime experience at Partizan Brewing.

Supplying such noted establishments as Claridges, as well as the bar at Langhams, Partizan Brewing is at the forefront of the industry. This gift allows the beer lover to work alongside a master brewer and create their very own beer. With a consultation to determine their preferred flavours, these will all then be combined to create their bespoke beer and some 1600 bottles will later be delivered to them – enough to keep them happy until next Christmas!


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Tea Time

Tea has been the bedrock of Britain since it was first shipped over from India and now TRULY are bringing you the chance to create your very own bespoke tea. Henreitta Lovell, the world famed ‘tea lady’, will spend two consultations with you to discover your taste preferences.

Lovell will then use the most extraordinary tea leaves to create your blend of tea. These leaves are grown on small, independent gardens located as far as China’s Fujian mountains and the slopes of Malawi’s Mount Thyolo, which results in the most scintillating tastes. You are given a 3 month supply of your blended tea, perfect for any occasion.


Bringing Fine Dining Home

Not everyone likes to go out to eat too frequently and sometimes the true indulgence can be to have someone to cook for you in the comfort of your own home. Now imagine that the person cooking for you at your house is one of the world renowned chefs from Nobu.

Frequented by celebrities and lovers of culinary delights alike, Nobu has long been regarded as the restaurant to go to and now TRULY will bring them into your home. Catering up to 10 people, this is a fine dining experience created in your very own kitchen.

Everything, from the venue dressage to the menu, can be tailor made to your requirements to provide an amazing culinary and visual experience. Nobu’s new style Japanese-Peruvian cuisine is designed to delight and surprise, leading customers to make culinary discoveries and uncover their own latent tastes – this is a private dining experience which will last long in the memory as well as the taste buds.


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