Top Vegetarian Michelin Star Restaurants in London

As you may already know, London is a flourishing culinary scene and, fortunately enough for the vegetarians among us, no one gets left behind. In terms of who will serve you what, however, there are some establishments who provide better vegetarian menus than others. We think these restaurants are more than worth pointing out, so here you are –  a selection of the very best vegetarian Michelin star restaurants in London.

Work up an appetite walking through Hyde Park, and end your journey at The Greenhouse. The entrance to the two Michelin star French restaurant is lined with trees, the décor is reserved to create a welcoming atmosphere. The head chef’s goal is to create balance and harmony within each dish, so there are plenty of options that don’t need meat to be amazing.

Then, on the outskirts of Mayfair and just a few doors down from Sketch, there’s Alyn Williams’ culinary contribution to The Westbury hotel. The restaurant does beer particularly well and is one of the few joints in town that pairs its beers with its food, but the vegetarian options are just as good. Vegetarians can pick and choose from their own tasting menus as well as the beers, should they like and are just as well catered for as their meat-eating guests.

If you’re in the mood for French cuisine, then visit Galvin La Chapelle and choose from their vegetarian tasting menu. Go in with an open mind, because their menu is very innovative and you may find things you never thought would go together. The unique and delightful food is complemented by the large dining room with a mix of classical and modern features.

Smart and simple restaurant The Square is the second two-star on the list, and boy does it deliver. Vegetarians are treated to their own separate menu, which is almost a shame, as meat-eaters have no idea for what they’re missing out on. For over seventeen years The Square has been among the best restaurants London has ever seen, and a restaurant with such a legacy is a very rare thing.

One of the world’s first Michelin-starred Indian restaurants, Tamarind is the place to go for vibrant flavor. The a la carte menu has plenty of options, and there is a separate vegetarian tasting menu. The food is incredibly authentic North West Indian and is even cooked in a traditional tandoor oven.

If you’d like a better overview of the vegetarian dining options in the capital, take a look at our restaurant gifts. Many of these experiences can be tailored for veggie diners – just get in touch to let us know.

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