Last Minute Gifts for Spa Lovers

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Finding a last minute gift for the spa lover in your life may seem, at first glance, to be an easy present to find – surely you just book them into a spa? Well, yes, this is the most obvious gift but even this presents dilemmas and considerations. In the list below we’ve helpfully highlighted a few ideas for when you need to buy those last minute gifts for spa lovers.

Bespoke towelling robe

While it is true that almost every spa provides towelling robes and towels for their guests, it must be said there is something both comforting and indulgent in having your own bespoke towelling robe. Not only do you know it has never been wore before, you also clean it yourself so are aware of any allergies or specific washing requirements. Furthermore, towelling robes offered in spas are worn regularly which makes them thin. With one’s own towelling robe it remains plush to allow you to fully relax during the spa day.

Couple’s Spa Day

A trip the spa has evolved over the years, starting out as an individual indulgence and moving on now to offer treatments and experiences for groups and even couples. If you want to experience a spa with your spa loving friend or partner, why not consider booking a spa treatment for two – a way to bond with a friend or spend relaxing time with a loved one.

Couples Massage at Metropolitan by COMO
An indulgent couple’s massage at the Metropolitan by COMO

Customised Swimwear

Whether you’re happy with your figure or not, chances are that finding the perfect item of swimwear is still difficult. That is because it is still sold in broad sizes and, no matter how close you are to the size, there will always be something slightly amiss.

However, with custom made swimwear, it will be tailor made to your contours which will make you feel confident and certainly more in the mood to enjoy your spa treatments.

Spa Bag

Most people may pack lightly for a trip to a spa, but they pack all the same. This will be because they’ll bring with them the robe, swimwear, wallet/purse, car keys, house keys, phone etc. All of these things should be carried in a suitable bag for placement into a locker. Look for a light yet sturdy bag which is reflective of their nature and personality.

Rejuvenating Spa Getaway

As with anything in life, if you have the desire you can truly indulge yourself. Consider treating the spa lover in your life to a ‘once in a lifetime’ luxury Indian spa and yoga retreat experience. Situated under the breathtaking Himalayas and offering services to balance your mind, body and spirit, this trip promises to relax even the most tense of people.

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