How to Pick the Right Anniversary Gift

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Choosing an anniversary gift can be quite tricky and, let’s be honest, does require some thought. Generic gifts or gifts which require no thought or planning can sometimes be less than well received by your partner. So when you next need to pick an anniversary present, consider these helpful pointers in terms of how to pick the right anniversary gift.

Base it on a theme

Most of you will be aware of the traditional themes associated with anniversaries but there are also now more modern themes on which to base your gift buying. While more synonymous with marriage anniversaries, they are also wonderful ways to mark the number of years you’ve been with your partner.

Celebrate the Date

Use the number of years you’ve been together as the basis for the gift. For example, if you have been together for two years, chose a gift which has ‘two items’ to it – like, tickets for a show or the cinema. For three years, perhaps try drinks, dinner and dancing.

Show Them How Well You Know Them

Base the gift on an interest. Sounds obvious, I realise, but if your partner has a particular interest in a subject, a sport or a hobby use that as an idea for the gift. For example, if your partner is a fan of cooking or culinary delights maybe centre a gift around this – an example of a gift perfect for the budding cook is a private cooking experience.


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Be Romantic

Whatever you are considering as an anniversary gift just bear in mind that it is an occasion to be romantic and thoughtful. A quick whizz around the internet forums shows that often men do not come out too well when it comes to remembering anniversaries and finding gifts. There is, it should be made clear, a defence for this.

Perfect Your Wedding Day

If you’re married, was your wedding perfect? Planning the big day can be stressful and, sometimes, you may look back on it and think “what if” or “if only”. Well, the anniversary is the perfect time to correct anything you feel was less than perfect on your big day. Did you not manage the perfect car to drive away in? Were the photos of you as a couple less than flattering – maybe a session at a photographers could correct that?

Obviously, remembering the anniversary is key so put it in your phone, a diary or write it on the calendar. Everyone is busy these days and while “being busy” might work as an excuse for missing the odd dinner or your favourite TV show, it shouldn’t be used as an excuse for forgetting an anniversary.

It may seem slightly old fashioned in this day and age of technology but everyone still loves to receive a card. Most of them even with come with a (reasonably!) good inscription inside so if you’re no wordsmith, don’t worry. However, anything you can personalise it with will be appreciated, even if it is just the use of a pet-name.


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  1. Great tips! My sister in law for their one year, which is paper, got a sketch of her dress created by Dreamlines. Each year has a meaning, which is really great to keep to that theme.

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