4 Top Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Gift

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Do you need some pointers for your upcoming wedding gift shopping? Remember that wedding gifts are about reflecting the couple and appealing to both. Here are just a few tips on how to find the perfect wedding gift.

1) The Registry: Yes or No?

It’s always a good idea to check out a wedding registry. Not only will you be able to see what the couple needs, but you’ll also discover their tastes and styles. A registry list is a safe way to purchase a gift you know will be enjoyed, especially if you don’t know the couple well.

Use the registry to guide you to something the couple wants. Even when using the list, you can always personalise the gift to give it some memorable flair. If you choose to go off the registry, a good idea is to pair small gifts from the registry list with larger off-the-list gifts.

2) Know the Couple

If the couple didn’t set up a registry, look to their interests to guide you. Think about what they like to do together, where they like to visit and what they like to cook. Again, if you don’t know the couple well, you may have to discreetly chat with another close friend or family member to gain some clues.

Something else to think about is their future living space and lifestyle. Their storage space will be limited if they live in an apartment, whereas a house will have more room. This can also guide you as to what to purchase as a gift.

For artistic types, there is the idea of creating a work of art for the couple based on their tastes and your talent.


3) The Group Gift: Sharing the Expense

There is a time and place when an expensive gift is the most appropriate for the couple. Try to gather a few friends or family members together to purchase a luxury gift.

By going together on a gift, it takes away any anxiety and stress from gift buying. It’s also a good way to go when most of the gifts on the registry have been ticked off.

4) It’s all for the Experience

These days the research shows that the best gift is not a traditional trinket. It’s an experience; a growing trend for the modern couple.

Experiences are great for couples who like to travel or try something new. Many couples are unable to partake in the traditional honeymoon, which leads to them opting for a minimoon instead.

This type of luxury gift is great because you can tailor each experience to the person. Rather than walking through stores or scanning registry lists, you’ll be able to individualise the experience to your recipient based on what you know about them.

Today’s couples still love traditional gifts, but with a modern twist. Remember to think about the meaning of the gift, its longevity and usefulness. And if you are still unsure as how to find the perfect wedding gift, take a look at a few of TRULY’s experiences.

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