How to Avoid Panic Buying

We’ve all been there. That dawn of realisation when you remember that today isn’t just another day. And you haven’t even got a card. In order to combat that sinking feeling and the hefty dose of last minute shopping that inevitably follows, we take a look at how to avoid panic buying.

1. Mark the Dates

Make sure you’ve got all those key dates in your calendar. Make a note of birthdays, anniversaries and any other special occasions for all your nearest and dearest. The important thing is to keep referring back to the calendar so you don’t miss any dates.

If having to keep a constant eye on all of these different dates sounds like a bit of an ask, why not sign up to receive alerts ahead of the important occasions? With TRULY’s free Key Date Reminder service, we’ll send you a gentle reminder in advance of the big day.

2. Plan Ahead

One of the best times to start planning for gifts is just after Christmas. This is when a lot of people think of the ‘things I should have got’. Begin considering the personalities of your recipients as you look to the year ahead. See what matches up to each person.

Consider their interests and how they prefer to spend their time. This will give you an opportunity to find truly personal gifts that will stand out from the rest.

3. Be Logical

Of course, it’d be mad to presume you could get hold of all the gifts for the year ahead in the first week of January. Make knowing who you’re buying for an ongoing process. Always have an eye and ear out for the finest gift ideas.

This way, you will have thoughts in mind with ample time to spare when it comes round to each occasion, allowing you to avoid panic buying.

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What to Avoid

Following those three steps will help to avoid some last-minute gift disasters, like these ones…

Dull Gift Cards
A sure sign that very little care has been put into the process, high street gift cards are certainly one to miss. Not only does it show a lack of effort, but recipients are able to see the monetary value too. Hardly the personal touch.

Advice Books
Perhaps not as diplomatic a way of critiquing as some people may have thought, very few people want help finding inner peace as their birthday gift…

Yes, gifting socks at least removes the need for the recipients to have to go through the process of buying them for themselves. But there can still be few presents less inspiring than a pair of socks.

If all else fails, you can’t go wrong with TRULY’s luxury range of last minute gifts for her and last minute gifts for him.

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