The Hottest Spa Trends of 2015

Hottest Spa Trends of 2015

In the world of luxury spa travel, what are some of the most popular spa trends 2015 has revealed? Let’s take a look into some of the recent developments in spa travel to find out what what’s hot.

Thermal Hot Springs

Many people all over the world are discovering the soothing experience of bathing in natural hot springs. It is perhaps one of the oldest spa treatments in the world, but it is enjoying a resurgence with many luxurious spas being built around natural sources of geothermally heated waters. Thermal hot springs have many benefits, including pain relief and improving skin conditions, as well as feeling wonderfully relaxing.

Spa Treatments for Men

Getting pampered is not just for the ladies – many spas are now offering treatments with a masculine twist so that the guys can enjoy a little relaxation as well. For example, the Spa at Alfred Dunhill in London offers a Gentleman’s Indulgence Package via TRULY. It includes a relaxing massage, a facial massage, a skin renewing mask and a moisturiser with warm citrus oils and crisp, manly scents.


Hottest Spa Trends of 2015

Eco-Friendly Spas

Many travellers are becoming interested in spas that are devoted to offering environmentally friendly treatment. It is more important than ever for spas to be responsible, sustainable and ethical as possible. Many spas are ensuring that they have a sustainable and green design, are reducing their carbon footprint and are using organic, locally sourced, healthy ingredients in their treatments.

Cultural Discovery

Another common spa trend of 2015 is an interest in getting involved in local and indigenous cultural experiences. Many people are looking for an experience that blends culture and wellness, so that they can learn about the people of the destination while enjoying their spa experience. These special customised trips usually involve travel to far-flung destinations so that you can sample the local culture.

Ananda Spa

Stress Management Courses

Our modern world can be quite stressful and many people find themselves dealing with a lot of stress in their lives. There are several spas and hotels that are offering specific programmes that are focused on stress management and stress recovery. These might include consultations, healthy nutrition and special therapies, as well as yoga and meditation. The goal is to send the participants home with the tools they need to manage stress in their lives more effectively.

Spa Honeymoons

Recently there has been an emerging trend for spa honeymoons, in which the happy couple are not content to simply laze by the pool but want to treat themselves physically and spiritually as well. This can be a very romantic experience for a couple to enjoy together. Couples massages, aromatherapy treatments and nutritious cooking classes will make for a honeymoon that will give the newlywed couple that healthy glow.

These are just a few of the hottest spa trends 2015 has brought to the health and wellness industry. Do any of these spa experiences appeal to you? Why not start planning your next luxury spa experience?

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