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Homegirl London interview

Homegirl London is a lifestyle blog featuring the latest design trends, interior design tips and all the best things to do in London.  We caught up with the lady herself to talk innovative interior design and the perfect day out in the capital – for this Homegirl London interview.


Your blog looks chiefly at trends in interior design and things to do in London. Let’s talk interior design first. What’s catching your eye in home design at the moment?

I’ve just written about new paint colour trends for 2016 which includes the Dulux colour of the year – Cherished Gold. As we head towards winter, the trends will be more about precious metals and colours, so gold will be a big focus.

I noticed at recent trade shows that sound-proofing materials are becoming popular especially because they are now in funky colours, textures and patterns so are more about acoustic sculptures. I really think that sound-proofing is going to be a big hit for home owners especially as we see more property conversions where the wall insulation might not be very good. Other trends you should look out for are honeycomb structure patterns, concrete furniture and plenty of natural wood products.


Will do. How do you spot the trends that you find?

I spot trends by attending trade shows and seeing if there is any commonality between new designs, materials, patterns, etc. I’m always out browsing around shops so I can see what new stock is becoming popular. I also spend a lot of time browsing web shops and on a wide range of social media so I get a good sense of what people like and what’s emerging.

I like to write about breaking trends so that my readers can actually buy the products for their own homes. I hang in coffee houses a lot which are great sources of inspiration for interior design, particularly industrial décor. I just like to soak everything up and then when I am ready to write a feature I try to remember what I have seen.


I imagine the last time you moved house, you did all the design yourself?

That was such a long time ago, you’re talking about twenty years! I am a bit of a DIY girl because I was raised in a family of builders and my three brothers all worked with my dad at some point in their younger years. I also worked on the building site to pay my way through college and university.

So when I moved into my current home I did a lot of the work myself which involved plenty of sanding and painting. My advice to anyone moving into a new house is paint it all white, live with it for a while until you decide what you want to do. Don’t rush in and make any concrete plans (excuse the pun!) because you might regret any big choices.


Homegirl London interview


Now onto London. You’ve got a day in the capital, what would be your perfect schedule?

I love walking but not in the countryside because I don’t like to leave London – I get palpations when I do. I love strolling around the city taking photographs. At the moment I’m enjoying being by the canals. So walking along Regent’s Canal and hanging out in Haggerston would be my ideal day!



Yes, Regent’s Canal to Broadway Market is one of my top London picks. As an interior design fanatic who loves doing, what’re your thoughts on material possessions vs. experiences?

You shouldn’t really get too hung up on material possessions. Don’t ‘over-buy’ and make sure anything you spend money on is actually practical and something you are going to use. Yes, of course buy a couple of pieces of art but don’t go too mad about it. It’s best to keep your belongings to a minimum otherwise you’ll feel tied down.

Good experiences are priceless. As you get older you realise that a few close friends and family are what’s really important.  Make sure you enjoy experiences with the people you care about.  Nothing else matters really apart from that!


And what about the day job? Is all your time devoted to the blog now?

Much of my time is taken up with the blog because it is so entwined with my daily life. I enjoy eating out a lot so write about my food experiences. I am also starting a new section which will cover my city walks. My other job is writing SEO copy for websites and training companies about how to communicate with bloggers.

Thanks, Homegirl. Get back on that trend-spotting.


Homegirl London is a lifestyle blog featuring interior design trends, home interiors, furniture makers, shopping and restaurants in London and more.

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