3-Step Guide To Find The Perfect Floral Arrangement For Your Wedding

Wedding Floral Arrangement

Imagine this scenario: you found the partner who you know is the perfect person for you. You found the perfect outfit for the wedding. You made the most awesome wedding invitations ever. Now picture the wedding hall. The lights shine on you as you walk into the hall for your first dance. Now look around – everyone is looking at you and smiling. Now, look even closer. What makes your wedding stand out from all other weddings?

They don’t say “the devil is in the details” in vain. Your perfect wedding will be defined by a lot of things that describe you as a person – the decorations, the cake, and of course, the floral arrangement. 

Finding the perfect floral arrangement can be a bit difficult. After all, all flowers look lovely and choosing one might be easier said than done. If you want to hit a bullseye with your flower arrangement, here is a quick guide that will set you off on the right track.

Find Your Theme

Beach Wedding Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangements depend a lot on the theme and the setting. You can go in numerous ways but the more options you have, the more confusing it’s going to be. If you have decided on your wedding theme and setting, then you have your starting point.

If you are thinking about a romantic, nature-inspired getaway wedding, then you would need to incorporate a lot of greenery into your flower arrangements. As you will probably be going for boho style when it comes to the clothes, the bouquet will need to match that and be loose, green and intentionally messy.

To opt-in for such a theme doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to have an outdoor wedding. You might be going on a romantic honeymoon in a nature resort and you can transfer your enthusiasm into your wedding through the flower arrangements.

On the other hand, modern weddings require the floral arrangement to be more polished. You are likely looking for roses, white, red, or a combination. The bouquet can be a simple and defined flower arrangement, accompanied by stylish floral decorations in the hall and on the tables.

Also, don’t forget about the colours and the vibe that each flower carries. For example, a formal wedding will not go well with colourful centerpieces and greenery. Such weddings require tidier arrangements. More relaxed weddings give more room for experimenting. If you like to mix and match with the colours, you can choose several different flowers in different colours by using Interflora Discount Codes and add handmade details to create artsy centerpieces.

Think About the Story Behind the Story

Regardless if you met your partner on a dating site, bumped into them while you were out in town or have known them for years, there must be something that can be your unique signature for your flower arrangements. 

Flowers might not have played a big role in your dating days if you are one of those people who would always choose chocolate over flowers. Oh, then how about chocolate flowers?

Chocolate bouquet

Chocolate and flowers can be easily combined to serve as a floral arrangement if that’s the route you want to go for. When speaking to your florist, ask them to incorporate chocolate in your floral arrangement. For example, create heart-shaped table decorations with chocolate in the middle.

If you want to turn chocolate into the main theme of your wedding, you can go for different chocolate edible decorations such as chocolate roses.

If, on the other hand, flowers were a part of your dating life, then think of that one flower that left a mark on your relationship. It might be the flower you received on your first date or the one that your partner stole from a garden as a romantic gesture. 

Thinking of the story behind the story will enable you to find something truly unique about you and your partner, and make it a part of your wedding day. Think of it as your “something blue” that applies to both of you. 

Gather Inspiration

Okay, so now you have decided on a theme and you can picture the wedding hall entirely. You go to your wedding florist and you describe what you want but they look kind of baffled.

Don’t tell – show!

Describing how you would like your flower arrangement to look might seem simple but it really isn’t. Each and every one of us has the ability to picture things in our mind in a certain way and that refers to you and the florist as well.

Florist making flower arrangement

In order to make sure you will get what you want, you need to find photos that will match your idea to some extent. Show your florist what you have in mind and if you don’t have an exact picture, make sure you explain yourself well. Use the pictures that match your idea closely as starting points. 

If you like a certain style of decoration but not the specific type of flowers, then think of words you would use to describe your wedding. Will it be chic, elegant, boho, classic or rustic? Describe the vibe you are trying to achieve to your florist and they will be able to come up with suggestions about what flowers to use that will match your idea.

Go online and look around. There are countless websites that have brilliant wedding ideas. Pinterest, of course, is the go-to place. You’ll be able to see some wonderful floral arrangements that you can modify to fit what you have imagined for your wedding. 

Wedding planning is an enjoyable thing yet also very stressful. Everybody wants perfection on their wedding day. The only way it can be achieved is if you carefully plan everything and think of even the smallest details. Your floral arrangement will be one of the more memorable elements of your wedding, so make sure you put some proper thinking into it. Don’t just go for the flowers that look good to you – make sure they match the overall wedding theme.

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