Where to go Fishing in the UK

Fishing is the easiest way to be one with nature. There are an infinite amount of fishing spots all over the world, but nothing can quite compare to those in Britain. Here is some inspiration on where to go fishing in the UK.

Harbour Town Beauty


You will find cod, bass and flounder in this beautiful harbour town that’s also one of the nation’s oldest fishing ports. To fish at sea, you can hire a charter boat, but if you’d rather stick close to land, you can fish for eels in the harbour or settle down at a spot on the pier. Discover Whitby

Fish on the fly


This little bit of English heaven has trout (both lake and river), cod, mackerel, ling, salmon and ocean pollock. The area is full of rivers, lakes and never-ending coastline, making it one of the most beautiful fishing areas in Britain. Northumberland is limited to spinning and fly fishing only, and there is a local hatchery of salmon upstream from Riverdale Hall Hotel. Discover Northumberland

fly fishing

Fishing for a massage

Llangammarch Wells

Here, near the quiet, picturesque village in Wales, you will find trout, salmon and grayling in the River Irfon, not to mention gorgeous walking trails – there is a river retreat which handles fishing and other comforts. The resort also makes sure the river is well-stocked with trout. The Lake Country House and Spa has an onsite spa for the non-fishing visitor, or for those who spent a long day fishing. Discover Wales

Scottish Angles


Salmon and trout are the fish of choice in this large though sparsely populated area in the north of Scotland. There are more than an adequate amount of lodges and guest houses with access to reserves where brown trout and salmon offer world-class fishing. The Assynt Angling Club and eight land owners in the area have worked together to offer over 100 lochs for fishing. While Sutherland is close to being as north as you can go, you can get here easily by train or from Iverness Airport.

Drop a line on London’s doorstep

Tunbridge Wells

A mere cast away from the capital, near the large town of Tunbridge Wells (about a 45-minute train ride or hour car ride), are the enchanting waters of the Weald of Kent. This ideal fishing location is home to four fisheries. The first is Hawkhurst Fish Farm, possessing four large lakes and three junior ponds home to varied wildlife. The second is Frant Lakes, which has eight lakes, three ponds and a stretch of the river Teise.

Next is the lovely Elphicks Fishery, with its seven lakes open to all ages and levels of experience. Last but not least, Hartley Lands Farm Fishery is an organic fruit farm with four coarse fishing lakes and four natural ponds. Discover more

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