At Your Fingertips: Gifts For Cigar Lovers

Finest Cigars of the Americas

There really is nothing like a hand-rolled cigar.  For those who love a good cigar, gifts can be easy to find, but quality matters. Here is a list of gifts for cigar lovers, with a taste for class.

Let The Introductions Begin

Cigar Introduction and Drink Pairing

Located at No. 10 Manchester Street is a unique, award-winning cigar lounge with an all-weather terrace. It has a contemporary, tropical style meets gentlemen’s club atmosphere. For those who have always loved cigars, this is more than a step above a common cigar store.

Grab a friend and experience a cigar from Ten Manchester Street’s Havana cigars. Enjoy an overview of Habanos and learn the art of cutting, lighting and proper cigar smoking. Let a Master draw on experience as he chooses a cigar for you and your friend, then suggest a drink to pair with your luxury cigar.

Stunning In Gold

Black Tie Hand-Rolled Gift Box

Whether you are doing business or just hanging out with friends, a cigar can say a lot about who you are.

In this boxed gift, you will receive one fine Dominican cigar, rolled to perfection in 24K edible gold. You will be able to cut its Connecticut shade wrapper with a unique Black Tie cigar cutter. Stand out from the crowd with the 2 to 3 inch gold ashes.

Finest Cigars of the Americas

For Modern Tastes

Crystal Ashtray

You like your cigars, and accessories, to be unique. Linley’s offers this refreshing, smooth, and modern take on the classical ashtray.

Enjoy the sleek, solid crystal ashtray, with blue features created to enhance a 3-D effect. Not only is the ashtray designed to be useful, it is also a wonderful conversation piece. It fits well in any room, so relax and enjoy your cigar.

Elegance In Wood

Shooting companion

If you like to enjoy your cigars in the outdoors, especially when you are out shooting, take a look at Linley’s Shooting Companion.

The elegant walnut box has leather handles and silver, nickel clasps and corners. Inside, you will find eight pewter cups, two lead crystal decanters and a special walnut compartment made to hold eight Corona No. 5 cigars. There is a built in cigar cutter to finish off the box. Everything tucks away nicely for easy packing and carrying.

Simply The Best

Rare Cigar and Drink Pairing

Once again Cigars at No. Ten is offering the gift of experience.

This time, you and a friend will have a rare, limited edition or reserva range cigar and spend time with a Master of Havana cigars to gain unforgettable knowledge. You will be able to sample a couple drinks to discover the perfect pairing. You will be able to choose the drinks from vintage wine, non-alcoholic refreshers and top shelf spirits.

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