Gifting Guide: Gift Ideas for Boyfriend or Husband

Gifts for Hom

We receive many gift ideas requests concerning gift ideas for husband or gift ideas for boyfriend.  Based on what our customers tell us, we find that men are actually a lot easier to shop for than women.  But just in case, here are a few simple tips we have compiled when shopping for the man in your life.

1. Don’t over-think it

Men are actually pretty simple beings and are quite easy to please.  There is not a whole lot that they do not like.  They tend to be fairly open-minded to trying new things or experiences.  So really, there is not a whole lot that can go wrong.  Our only suggestion is to find out if there is anything that they absolutely will not do or try.  For instance, if they have a fear of heights, a skydiving experience will probably not be suitable.

Some gift ideas that are popular with men include whisky tasting experiences, water sports or for the true driving enthusiast, a driving tour through Germany in a Porsche.

2. Gifts that can be shared are better

One common misconception is that a gift should solely be for the recipient (and no one else).  Based on our customer feedback, we find that gifts that can be shared between two people are actually more meaningful.  There is nothing wrong with buying something for somebody and also going along to share the experience.  The message that is sent with a shareable gift is that you value his companionship and would like to spend more time with him.

Some examples of gifts that can be shared include: a private capsule on the London Eye, meal for 2 at a Michelin-starred restaurant or even a short weekend break to Barcelona.

3. Men value convenience

Regardless of what gifts you buy for your boyfriend or husband, make sure that it is convenient to use and maintain.  Men are inherently lazy (or efficient, depending on your views).  So anything that requires too much additional work, hassle or effort should be avoided.  Opt for things that require little or no maintenance.  Plants that they need to take care of or an object that requires long-term maintenance are usually less ideal.

Do you need gift ideas for men?  

If so, we’d be happy to help.  Just submit a Free Gift Ideas Request and our concierge will get back to you with recommendations.


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