Beer Tasting in London

Imagine tasting beer all day for your profession. It is actually a more serious occupation than you might think. University degrees could be attained in the time it takes for you to become a certified beer taster.

However, in the way we laymen are able to learn from wine connoisseurs, in enjoyable and leisurely wine tastings, beer tastings are now becoming more popular. Craft beers are on the rise – get a taste of the movement with an interesting and exciting beer tasting!

What’s All the Fuss?

What is Craft Beer

Craft beer is not traditionally brewed beer. It is commonly produced in small breweries, or micro-breweries, that produce only limited amounts of each beer and ale. These breweries are independently owned, and create natural, fresh beer by home-brew techniques focused on aromas and tastes.


That One-of-a-Kind Taste

Craft Beer Tasting Experiences

What better place to taste craft beer, than in the breweries?
Hops & Glory, a unique London pub and brewery, has a tasting experience available especially for TRULY guests. You will try six beers from all over the world accompanied by bar food.

Part of the Bermondsey Beer Mile, you could head south of the river to Partizan Brewing for a tasting and brewery tour.  Partizan also provides the option of creating your own brew!
Perhaps you’d prefer to match your beers with a Michelin-starred dinner? At the luxurious Alyn Williams at The Westbury you can enjoy a seven-course meal, paired expertly with beers and a “behind-the-scenes” kitchen tour.



London is simply brimming with breweries, tap rooms, bars and pubs, all now introducing Craft Beers onto their menus.

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