Five Perfect Days in Marrakech

Five Days in Marrakech

Marrakech is a dazzling feast for the senses.
The historic Medina is a maze of narrow winding streets packed with market stalls and local restaurants full of character – and the modern Ville Nouvelle has modern European style and is filled with chic designer shops. The city lies at the foot of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains and offers the opportunity to explore the Sahara Desert, only a few hours away.

There is so much to explore within this ancient and beautiful city, be it for a romantic break or a sight-seeing escapade. You will discover many historic and architectural sites, as well as many interesting museums and enough souks and marketplaces to keep you shopping for hours. There is also an abundance of delicious food, whether you are looking for fine dining or cheap street food. Here are some of the best experiences you can look forward to on a trip to Marrakech:

Five Days in Marrakech – Our Suggestions

Day One

  • Pamper yourself with a traditional Arabian Hammam spa treatment at the world famous spa at La Mamounia, which includes a Rhassoul clay mask and a black soap scrub.
  • Dine at the famous Le Marocain Restaurant, which serves excellent traditional and contemporary Moroccan cuisine.

Day Two

  • Visit the Koutoubia Mosque. The most famous symbol in Marrakech, it is topped with four shining copper globes and it is visible all over the city.
  • Check out the fantastic arts and crafts collection at Maison Tiskiwin, a house owned by a Dutch anthropologist.

Five Days in Marrakech

Day Three

  • Take a Moroccan Cooking class and learn how to make this fragrant, flavourful, rich and spicy cuisine. That way, you can recreate your favourite dishes after you come back home.
  • Go shopping in the bustling Medina souks market stalls and marvel at the array of colourful clothing, jewellery, spices and more. Don’t be afraid to haggle for a better price!

Day Four

  • Explore the Maison de la Photographie, which includes a collection of over eight thousand photographs spanning from 1870 and 1950.
  • Visit the ruins of the Badii Palace, built by Sultan Ahmed El-Mansour in the 1500s.

Day Five

  • Take a break in the peaceful and beautiful Jardin Majorelle, a 12 acre botanical garden that was given to the city of Marrakech by the French painter Jacques Majorelle and was later bought by fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.
  • Treat yourself to a high end culinary experience and order the tasting menu at Gastro MK, one of the finest restaurants in the city.

These are just a few of the many wonderful experiences that are waiting to be discovered in Marrakech. This bustling north African City offers an unforgettable chance to immerse yourself in another culture and get caught up in a fascinating whirlwind of art, music, history, cuisine and so much more.

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