5 Indulgent Experiences For Food Lovers In Toronto

Experiences for Food Lovers in Toronto

One of the most important things you need to know when visiting the city is where all the good dining spots are. You want a place that not only serves great food, but also gives you an unforgettable experience. Take a look at these fresh, new experiences for food lovers in Toronto.

For Style Seekers

Signature Roast Dinner For Two at The Chase

Contemporary, with an inventive North American menu, The Chase offers an adventure in fine dining in the financial district of Toronto. The Chase is a busy, rooftop restaurant on the corner of Yonge an Temperance in the historic Dineen building. As one of the tallest skyscraper in the city, you’ll be able to enjoy quite the view of the city and the financial district.

The Chase lives by the motto, ‘small plates with big flavour.’ This is the place to enjoy fine dining. Here, you can experience a dinner for two, starting with two sharing plates of ricotta and stinging nettles. A feast of whole roasted chicken will follow, stuffed full of Foie Gras, apples and chestnuts and served with calvados cream.

Around this time there will also be an artisan cheese course served with homemade preserves. For those with a sweet tooth, get excited, because dessert will be served.


Experiences for Food Lovers in Toronto

For The Seafood Lover

Seafood Feast at The Chase Fish and Oyster

Found on the ground floor of The Chase Restaurant, is its more casual smaller sister, The Chase Fish and Oyster. Equally as delicious and stunning as its upstairs neighbour, it makes its name with its adventurous platters made up of the sea’s bounty.

Enjoy the soft nautical atmosphere as you experience creative presentations of the innovative hot and cold menus. Seafood’s natural taste is a large focus here, with an emphasis on the raw bar and seafood.

At this modern restaurant, you can experience a seafood feast for two. Enjoy the acclaimed ‘Bay Platter’ designed by Chef Nigel Finley. Experience the true taste of the sea while you taste oysters, clams, tuna, king crab, shrimp, scallops and lobster.


Experiences for Food Lovers in Toronto

For The Sushi Enthusiast

Japanese Tasting Menu At Kasa Moto For Two

Experience the vibrant atmosphere and versatile dishes of this contemporary and elegant Japanese restaurant. Enjoy dining in the different environments enhanced by the wood finishes and indoor topiary of this two-story restaurant.

Here, have the experience of bringing a friend and sharing an Omakase blind tasting selection by the Chef. Classics will be offered, like Hamachi, Sashimi, Maki and Nigiri. They will be served along with contemporary Japanese dishes. All the dishes served here are made only from freshest produce.

Step out on the elaborate, rooftop patio to enjoy some sake or drinks after your meal.

Kasamoto Cuisine

For The Culture-Loving Foodie

French Style Indulgence Menu for Two at Colette

In the bustling city of Toronto, there is a chic Parisian Bistro. Colette Grand Cafe will envelope you in its elegant design, updated dishes and impressive wine list. Everything inside is inspired by France – the atmosphere, decor and, of course, the food. As you can imagine, all ingredients used by Chef Michael Steph in the diverse menu are treated with the utmost care. Enjoy the feminine, Parisian space, with chic tiled and papered walls. Or take a step out on the outdoor terrace and enjoy the fresh air.

The best way to experience Colette, is to bring a friend and experience Colette Grand Cafe’s indulgence menu for two. Take an afternoon and treat your taste buds to fine French cuisine and savour the Trio de Fois Gras, La Tour de Colette and Marineiere. It’s like having a little piece of Paris at your doorstep.

Experiences for Food Lovers in Toronto

For The Lunchtime Adventurer

Seafood Pearl Platter Lunch for Two at The Chase

Here is another seafood-inspired experience from the Chase. There is no end to your luxury dining adventure on this rooftop, so look out over the city and enjoy the unique and one-of-a-kind lunch from The Chase. For the seafood lover, there is no other place.

The Chase modestly provides unequaled upscale dining. As a lunchtime experience, relax and enjoy three delightful, seasonal appetizers to share. After the appetizers, prepare for the Petit Pearl platter, which includes favourites like crab, tuna, shrimp and oysters, as well as the chef’s selection. This is great when you aren’t feeling like a big supper, or just don’t have time in the evening. It’s even great for those wonderful, meet-an-old-friend moments.

These tempting and new experiences will thrill and delight you in the city. Take a moment and enjoy these experiences for food lovers in Toronto.

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