Experience the Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage

For nearly 4,000 years, men and women of the world have had their aches and pains rubbed away. One of the earliest forms of pain relief, a massage releases soreness and encourages well-being and peace (not to mention leaving you feeling incredibly good).

It is easy to understand why we yearn for a good back rub after a long day. One style of massage in particular, the hot stone massage, has been around since biblical times. There are records of hot stones being used in India, Asia, Hawaii and by Native Americans. They have always been a part of physical and mental healing and emotional balance.

Massages using hot water-treated rocks that are placed at certain points on the body relieves pain, causes muscles to relax and opens “meridians” (energy pathways). The specific placement of the rocks rebalances the mind and calms the nervous system. Smooth river rocks and either oceanic or quarried basalt are used as a sort of extension of the therapist’s arm to massage certain areas of the body. A hot stone massage assists the therapist to perform deep tissue manipulation, as the heated stones relax the muscles. It even helps the therapist’s arms and wrists as they work, so the benefits are felt by more than just the client.

The benefits of hot stone massage are endless. You can feel all the stress of the day just melt away as the hot stones calm the psyche and absorb toxins. It also relieves pain, and is good for those who have muscle tension but can’t handle a regular, heavy massage. If you are someone whose feet are always cold, feel chilled, or have a circulatory problem, a hot stone massage improves circulation almost immediately (anyone who has had a set of cold feet pressed against them at night will be thankful too.)

Sense Spa_Rosewood London_Relaxation LoungeAdults aren’t the only ones to profit from the smooth, warm rocks. At Hotel Bareiss in Germany, there are massage packages for children, as well as a hot stone massage for the parents. For a rare moment, children will be quiet and still, and a total wellness vacation can be experienced and enjoyed by the whole family.

Certain health conditions have been successfully treated by a hot stone massage. Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, stress, anxiety, and Osteoarthritis are just a few conditions noted to benefit from treatment. The effects of insomnia, depression, muscle aches and back pain are often mitigated soon after a hot stone massage.

Don’t think a massage is just for women either. Since 2008 there has been a steady increase in men getting into massages as part of a wellness routine – among the regular benefits, hot stone massages has been known to improve athletic performance and lower blood pressure. Despite all the myths, Customised experiences are becoming more popular, with spas such as Gentlemen’s Tonic offering hot stone massages for men.

Another trend on the rise is the couple’s massage. As many of today’s working couples know, finding time to spend together in a healthy, relaxing atmosphere can be difficult. Many luxury spas will have several packages and treatments available. For example, Rosewood London has packages for singles and couples, perfect for birthdays and anniversaries. Perhaps, even, a proposal?

The hot stone massage has become a safe alternative to medication and taking pills, and is one of the most sought after types of massage. So man or woman, couple or single, a hot stone massage is healing for the body and soul.

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