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Scallops Ametsa

Sad as it is to say goodbye to summer eating, autumn brings with it all manner of culinary compensations for our sensory delight. From figs to mushrooms, apples, game and chestnut, autumn offers a superb choice of dishes, with meals often taking on a heartier note. We take a look to find some of the finest autumn dishes in the UK.


To start: Beetroot Salad, The Square

Beetroot Salad The Square

This starter includes as its main constituent a typical autumnal ingredient, the beetroot. Ripe for culinary inclusion throughout the season, the beetroot is packed with vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants.

It is not the only classically autumnal dish on The Square’s menu. Chef Phil Howard ensures best-in-season ingredients, mostly sourced from within the British Isles, make up the bulk of the menu at all times. This autumn, another season dish gracing the menu is the delightful cornish pollock with baked pumpkin, chestnut spätzle, autumn leaves and roasting juices.

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Grouse, Sourdough Sauce, Trompettes and Pommes Boulangere

Grouse Hibiscus

Image: Stephanie Sadler,

The grouse season begins in mid-August but the meat remains a joy to indulge in throughout autumn. This dish comes as part of the Flavours of Autumn tasting menu at Hisbiscus.

Chef-patron, Claude Bosi, organises a list of ingredients he has sourced carefully from his chosen market suppliers each day. Guests can then discuss their preferences with Chef Claude who will create a bespoke eight-course menu for them.

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Gascony Pie, Club Gascon

Gascony Pie Club Gascon

This is no ordinary pie, from Club Gascon’s revered chef, Pascal Aussignac. Writing in The Telegraph, Jan Moir stated that she “nearly dropped my fork in surprise after one bite, so obvious was it that here was an establishment of serious food and serious intent.”

The warm pie pulls together two staple autumn ingredients – with a kind of duck mousse that includes a vein of morel mushrooms and herbs inside. Mushrooms are a staple ingredient throughout autumn, while duck is best consumed in October and, in particular, November.

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Scallops – Vieiras con Rocas de Cebolla, Ametsa

Scallops Ametsa

The next of the finest autumn dishes is a classic offering originally from Ametsa’s birthplace, the Michelin three-star Arzak in San Sebastian, Spain.

This scallop dish is an autumnal treat to behold. Three perfectly seared scallops come accompanied by ‘onion rocks’, or so the literal translation would have us believe. In Britain, scallops are best consumed at the beginning stages of the season.

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Dessert: Hedgerow, The West House

Graham Garrett West House

Graham Garrett, chef patron at The West House, made fame as a rockstar in the 1980s, in the bands The Dumb Blondes and The Yayas.

A combination of the best-in-season fruit, this dessert is a warm and hearty crumble including apples – an autumnal treat in Britain throughout the season, blackberries – particularly ripe for the picking throughout September and October, and cobnut. It comes accompanied by a delicious elderberry sorbet.

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If all these autumn ingredients have piqued your curiosity, why not cast an eye over our guide to the finest in-season ingredients this ‘fall’?

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