Detox Treatments: the How, When and Why

detox treatments

Every day, as we walk outside our homes, eat our lunches and go to work, we are surrounded by elements not always helpful or good for us. The outside elements , our surroundings, chemicals on our food; they all play a part in leaving toxins in and on our bodies. Even the air and water we drink are not always the cleanest. These toxins can leave us with headaches, nausea, sore muscles and feeling fatigued. How do we get rid of these toxins? There is one simple answer, detox treatments.

Detox treatments at regular intervals are an essential and healthy way to make sure any unwanted chemicals are removed from our systems. Detoxing strengthens our body’s natural defences and flushes out toxins. As one can imagine, chemicals accumulate in our systems and cause imbalances, sometimes even interfering with blood sugar and causing inflammation.

We have known about needing to detox since ancient times. In early civilization, when all people knew was the earth supplied all they needed, they had little medical understanding of what caused sicknesses. Eventually their medicine men and women became knowledgable in what helped relieve symptoms.

The Greeks were the first ones to separate medicine and religion, creating an ancient therapeutic pathology. They knew they had to create a balance in the whole body. Baths, massage, acupuncture, fasting and herbs are a few of the ways ancient cultures detoxified. Early physicians also used more severe methods, but those were proven to be harmful, so they discontinued.

Modern methods of detox treatments have advanced and improved since those early days, but keep in mind the idea of being healthy inside and out and balancing the mind and body. Many spas today have multiple detoxification packages and recommend restricting intake of sugar, salt, alcohol and caffeine. Focuses of each spa experience may differ, but all have some sort of anti-stress and detoxifying treatments.

Like in ancient times, massages and baths still remain proven methods of releasing toxins as well as stress. Mediation and yoga are often available as alternate ways of purging. All are in special, scenic locations known for their relaxing and detoxifying abilities.

One of these magical places is Ananda in the Himalayas; a paradise for cleansing the mind and body. Ananda is a retreat offering an incredible week-long detox experience including massage, yoga, and personalized programs to relieve stress. A beautiful sauna, cooking classes and lifestyle coach are available too. The view is breathtaking, which can only help to clear the mind.

It seems common in today’s world that we need to schedule time to just relax and detox our bodies and minds. Our busy lifestyles can be put on hold for a break, for the sake of our health. What could be better than sharing this detoxing experience with a friend or partner? Having regular detox treatments is definitely a must on the way to a complete wellness lifestyle, so why not make is as enjoyable as it is healthy?

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