The Most Desirable Places to Dine in Toronto


There are some special occasions that call for a fantastic meal, be it your anniversary, your birthday, or the celebration of any other special life event. When you want to treat yourself in Toronto, why not take your loved ones for a dinner at one of these superb restaurants? Here are some of the best choices for an unforgettable night out in Toronto:


Dinner for Two at Edulis

Named for the Latin word meaning “edible”, this restaurant has a menu that changes daily and is inspired by Spanish and French country cuisine. Most of the dishes are served in large earthenware and cast iron pots for sharing and are made from fresh ingredients including sockeye salmon from Alaska, Oregon porcini, and B.C. herring. Fish dishes are a focus, such as juicy albacore tuna with shishito peppers and blanched heirloom tomatoes. Relax and give over to the pleasure of the simple, succulent and expertly prepared dishes while you enjoy the quiet, candlelit atmosphere.


Since this Toronto institution began in the 1980s, it has gone from strength to strength and is still thought of as one of the best restaurants in the city. It has twice been voted Toronto’s Top Restaurant by Gourmet magazine and was the winner of the Traveller’s Choice 2014 awards on TripAdvisor. The view of the skyline is spectacular and the traditional French cuisine is expertly crafted. From the lamb with mustard crust, caramelized onion and Swiss chard to the venison with smoked bacon, cauliflower gratin and burgundy truffle, just reading the menu is enough to make you drool. Learn more >

Lai Wah Heen

Innovative Dim Sum Lunch at Lai Wah Heen

This restaurant has been one of the top choices for Chinese cuisine in downtown Toronto since 1997, thanks to its excellent authentic ingredients and traditional recipes. The name means “Luxurious Meeting Place” and it is an accurate description of its location in an elegant room at the Metropolitan Hotel. Try the innovative foie gras specials, such as the sliced thousand-year egg and foie gras paté garnished with sweet ginger.

Nota Bene

With dishes such as Nova Scotia Lobster Salad with avocado; maple bacon and blue cheese and roasted Quebec venison with squash salsa; and braised Savoy cabbage and Guajillo chilli, it’s easy to see why Nota Bene was named Canada’s Best New Restaurant by Air Canada’s Enroute Magazine and Toronto Life. It is located a short walk from the theatre district and the Opera house and it is a popular stop for a meal before a show – in fact they even offer a special pre-theatre menu when a performance is on. Learn more >

Amaya the Indian Room

6-Course Tasting Menu at Amaya

If you are in the mood for something spicy, treat yourself to fresh and flavourful Indian food at this Leaside restaurant. The service is friendly and welcoming, ingredients are top notch and the spices of the fragrant and complex dishes are blended together in subtle, rich and sophisticated ways. One of the most popular dishes is the Lamb Lollipops, which are marinated in wine and served with fenugreek curry. The intimate 40 seat dining area has an inviting atmosphere that is casual yet elegant.

These five desirable dining establishments stand out from the rest because they offer impeccable service, exquisitely delicious food and an elegant atmosphere, so call ahead to make a reservation for that special night.

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