Coupling: The New Trend of Gifting to Couples

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In recent years, when buying items online, there has been an additional option available when selecting the recipient. In simpler times it was just ‘for her’ or ‘for him‘. Now, though, there is often another option, that of of buying a gift for ‘a couple’.

This has arisen due to a rising number of gifting occasions for couples and a lack of present options have been recognised by retailers and consumers alike. Arguably, the anthropologists among you may also point to the number of couples who remain unmarried as another reason why solutions for this gifting occasion was needed.

Gifts for couples provide a solution for a number of issues – for example, buying your partner an anniversary gift can often be difficult. Many couples have individual hobbies or interests which differ from their partner but buying them an anniversary gift relating to that could, in effect, cut the other half out of sharing in it.

A gift aimed at them as a couple is way to ensure that both can enjoy their anniversary present, together. It works the same for people buying anniversary gifts for couples, why buy a gift which is more aimed at one half of the couple when you can buy something for both of them?

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Food gift cards are becoming one of the most popular types of presents for couples

Wedding presents are, of course, an ideal time to buy a ‘couple’s present’. With the responsibilities of organising the wedding often putting a split between the couple, what could be better than buying them a gift which means they can spend time together as husband and wife? A relaxing experience for both will show not only have you thought of what they want after their marriage, but also probably exactly what they need.

Of course, for relationships to work we all know that the couple must have something in common. Buying them something they can use or share together can be a wonderful gift; it can show that you know them as a couple and can often be something that they may never have thought of getting or doing before. It could be any shared passion. Take sport, for example, often a uniting hobby. If they’re both into that, why not consider getting them a gift based on this?

So with all of these options, and plenty more besides, when it comes to the next gifting occasion,  consider buying a ‘couple’s present’. It can bring couples together, open their eyes to new experiences and even create new interests. A wine tasting experience for the burgeoning wine connoisseurs, a photography break for the budding snappers or relaxing lunch at one of the UK’s finest restaurants – all are gifts aimed at couples and each offers something unique.

Think about the couples that surround you, their upcoming celebrations, and choose the best experience possible to make their celebration one to remember. These are our favourite ones!

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  1. What a great read. Couples experiences are a great idea. I’d like to share one with my husband, it’s so much more than just a vacation!

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