Christmas Gift Trends 2014

Christmas gifting trends

As Christmas approaches, it’s interesting to note trends from shoppers looking for the ultimate festive present. Of course, this isn’t always the best way to go about actually buying your own gifts – some of these trends make our TRULY tastemakers shudder. So here we go about dividing the great from the good from the very, very bad Christmas gift trends 2014.

Back to Nature

One of the biggest trends among material gifts is that of the animal and woodland theme. We’ve all seen them – the owls on display cushions, swans on handbags and fox shaped necklaces. Indeed, owls, foxes and birds are the hot property at the moment. There’s no denying it – some of these creations look quite alluring, if decidedly underwhelming. So if you’re looking for a generic gift this year, we can endorse enhancing it along these lines.


Nostalgia is one of the most powerful human emotions, so it’s only natural to play on this when it comes to gifting. Aside from material products of this theme – the hip flasks that hark back to Edwardian times, or the flour storage boxes branded in pre-war style that, let’s face it, aren’t gifts that set the world alight, you could get creatively retro this year. Include a newspaper from their first Christmas, or take them on a date that recreates your very first time together.

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Luxury Christmas Gift Ideas 2014

Make Memories

Here’s a gifting trend we at TRULY can definitely get behind. A recent report in The Economist cites the move from “handbags to handlebars” which, in real terms, means more and more people are turning to experiential gifts as opposed to material ones that just gather dust. It ties in with the idea of nostalgia – that is, going on a luxury experience creates memories that last a lifetime. A new handbag causes a thrill in the instant, but that fades away pretty quickly.

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Go wireless

Wireless gadgets are very much in vogue this festive season. From sound systems and external hard drives, to this curious-looking wireless gaming chair, everyone wants the technology without a load of bothersome wires. It’s hard to argue against the concept, but we are unsure as to the usefulness of some of the products with which this is being done…

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