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6 Things to Drink During Dry January!

/ 7th January 2017

Post-holiday alcohol detox threatening to damage your social life? It really doesn’t have to! There are plenty of non-alcoholic options out there for your imbibing pleasure!

First up is, of course, Chocolate!

DRINKING CHOCOLATE to be exact. Drinking chocolate is hot at the moment (hot chocolate!), with trendsetters like Dominique Ansel offering his take – flourished with a blossoming marshmallow daisy.

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10 Ways Sober October Will Benefit You

/ 14th October 2016
Go Sober - Main Image

Everything in moderation is what we’re told! And who doesn’t love a tipple now and then, and now, and then. But how much does alcohol really affect you? Here’re ten ways in which the Go Sober for October challenge which benefits Macmillan Cancer Support, can change your life:

  1. You’ll Have More Energy

Alcohol interferes with your sleep pattern, so even if you’re not hungover the next day, you’ll still be more tired than usual.

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Cocktails at Purple Bar – Truly Reviews

/ 7th October 2016

Purple Bar, with its hues of lavender and violet, is a stylish space that is fast becoming one of London’s hottest gathering places. Furnished with purple Queen Anne chairs, Venetian mirrors, and a wildly-theatrical bar, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped into another reality.

The TRULY experience we enjoyed includes two cocktails each from their signature and vintage lists, paired with food.

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Regional Pairing: Argentinean Wines at Zoilo

/ 22nd April 2016
zoilo busy

What’s your favourite wine? I know that in my circle at least, a big case can be made for Argentinean Malbec.

“Malbec is like pizza and sex. It doesn’t matter how bad it is, for some people it will still be ok.” – Alessandro Marchesan, group sommelier and wine buyer for Roka and Zuma

But Malbec is not the only treasure to come to us from the South American continent.

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East London Spirit: A Conversation with The East London Liquor Company

/ 19th April 2016
ELLC Cocktail

The East London Liquor Company has transformed the spirit industry in the city. Founder Alex Wolpert was even recently asked to judge the annual Rum Masters competition in Notting Hill – only two years since opening his company. We met up with Alex, along with Events and Marketing Manager Ashley Hunka, at their successful distillery and bar in Mile End.

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Organise your own wine tasting!

/ 31st March 2016
Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is a wonderful way to treat the palate. Whether you are organising a night out to surprise a date, or planning an intimate night in with friends, here are some tips on how to best plan for the perfect, unique tasting!

Plan ahead


Perhaps you’d like to focus on a theme?

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The Natural Wine Phenomenon

/ 30th March 2016
Natural Wine

A few years ago, an ‘organic’ wine trend blossomed: ‘natural’ wine. With increasing concern focused around health and preservatives added to food, it is no surprise that natural wine is gathering momentum. These biodynamic, low-sulphur bottles are taking centre stage, and featuring in the world’s top restaurants.

What is natural wine?

Natural wine is created using the natural growing process, rather than moulding grapes to a particular taste or texture.

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Pair Your Favourite Easter Treats with Wine

/ 19th March 2016
Easter Pairings Infographic

With any holiday there are always at least two things to look forward to: nice food and wine! Fish with white wine is typical on Good Friday, meat with red on Easter Sunday. But what should we drink with dessert? Pairing sweet treats with wine will take your Easter menu to a different level.

Don’t worry, we’ve asked the experts and summarised their advice in a neat infographic.

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5 Great Wine Bars in London!

/ 15th March 2016

With so much variety on offer, London is one of the finest places to explore wine tasting. Here are five stellar bars playing homage to the grape, perfect for group tastings or intimate dates.

  1. The Winemaker’s Club, Holborn.

Established in 1999, The Winemaker’s Club is growing in reputation as it supplies some of the city’s finest restaurants.

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Shake up Some Gin Cocktails!

/ 7th March 2016
all about gin_1

There’s no denying that London is the home of gin. You’ll find gin tastings, gin tours, and gin distilling. Explore the world of gin with a TRULY experience, and take you new knowledge home to mix these five refreshing cocktail recipes.

  1. The Full Minty

Your normal G&T not cutting it?

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