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6 Romantic Ways to enjoy London!

/ 1st February 2017
london romance

Paris may be the City of Love, but London’s no slouch when it comes to romance! Whether you’re looking to help new love blossom, spoil your funny Valentine, or celebrate years together, these romantic ideas are sure to please.

1- Museum and a Meal. London has some of the best museums in the world.

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10 Foods You’ll Be Eating in 2017

/ 26th January 2017
Purple Sweet Potato Ice Cream

What’s in store for our plates and palates this year? We’ve noticed some unmistakable food trends on our 2017 radar!

1- Matcha. Everything.

Everything’s gone green. From lattes to cakes, ice creams and more- you’ll be sure to find matcha all over the city. Matcha is a green tea powder, made from leaves specially grown and processed for this purpose.

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Steak Secrets

/ 10th October 2016

Our Head of Gastronomy, Chet Sharma, shares his secrets for preparing the best steak!


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The Square – Truly Reviews

/ 29th September 2016

The Square is one of our best-selling fine dining experiences. Holder of two Michelin stars, its doors first opened over two decades ago, and it has held onto its Michelin rating for more than fifteen years. That’s no easy feat, and so expectations were high as I set foot inside the restaurant.

After a warm greeting, we were showed to our table.

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The Good Food Guide’s Top 50 Restaurants

/ 14th September 2016
good food guide

It’s back: The Great British Restaurant Off. Or, to use its proper name, The Good Food Guide.

The wait is over for restauranteurs and chefs as the annual Top 50 restaurant ranking has been announced for 2017.

The UK’s bestselling restaurant guide since 1951, Good Food Guide has reviewed restaurants, pubs and cafés across the length and breadth of the UK.

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Meat-Free Menus: National Vegetarian Week!

/ 16th May 2016

A new generation of restaurants, offering meat-free menus, has London veggies spoilt for choice. Lifeless lettuce and tasteless tofu, are replaced by an array of tempting options. National Vegetarian Week runs 16-22 May, and we’ve put together a list of the best vegetarian food the country has on offer: from light bites to fine dining.

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5 Delectable Foodie Getaways

/ 10th May 2016
tapas san sebastian

“If a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then the way to a city’s soul is through its food.” No matter how you tilt the culinary scale, one thing is certain: eating and traveling go hand-in-hand. Gastro-tourism, as it has come to be known, inspires visiting places that only insiders know about.

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Cape Town: South Africa’s Culinary Capital

/ 8th April 2016
Test Kitchen

South Africa is a unique location, where natural beauty, turbulent history and diversity of cultures meet. South Africans are proud of their rainbow nation, the country is a melting pot boasting 11 official languages. Currently ranked as the top tourism destination in the world, Cape Town’s blend of beauty and cultures make it the culinary capital of the country.

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Upgrade Your Easter Eggs with Damson Chocolate!

/ 29th March 2016
Dom Ramsey Damson

There’s a chocolate revolution taking place. A new generation of artisan makers are crafting incredible chocolate, from bean-to-bar, in small independent workshops. This year, trade in your usual Easter Eggs (if you still have any left) for an immersive and educational chocolate experience.

Cocoa Beans

You may know Damson Chocolate maker Dom Ramsey as Mr. 

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Pair Your Favourite Easter Treats with Wine

/ 19th March 2016
Easter Pairings Infographic

With any holiday there are always at least two things to look forward to: nice food and wine! Fish with white wine is typical on Good Friday, meat with red on Easter Sunday. But what should we drink with dessert? Pairing sweet treats with wine will take your Easter menu to a different level.

Don’t worry, we’ve asked the experts and summarised their advice in a neat infographic.

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