2 Perfect Days

Discover luxury travel guides to the world’s best city break destinations. Concise itineraries show the best way to spend two perfect days in the city.


2 Perfect Days: What to do in Hamburg

/ 14th October 2016

What to do in Hamburg:
Our step-by-step city guide to 2 perfect days in Hamburg, Germany.

Situated on the bustling river Elbe, Hamburg is the second largest port in Europe. However, the city is home to much more. Grand townhalls, beautiful lakes, European art, feeding zoos, crunchy pretzels and spicy currywurst. There is much to be done in two days.

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Perfect Weekend in Amsterdam

/ 23rd September 2016

Amsterdam combines the unparalleled beauty of the 17th-century Golden Age city centre with an array of world-class museums and art, not to mention a remarkably relaxed atmosphere. It’s a small metropolis, that packs the cultural wallop of major world destination. If you’re looking for a laid-back city break – with sun-dappled canals, high culture and a vivid night life, look no further than Amsterdam.

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Perfect Weekend in Istanbul

/ 22nd August 2016
mosque istanbul

Once known as Constantinople, Istanbul is the only city in the world that straddles two continents. Half in Europe, half in Asia, this Turkish city offers juxtapositions of old and new. Here are tips to experience Istanbul’s mystical allure, from Turkish breakfast and rooftop cocktails, to mosques and traditional spas, in just a couple of days.

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Your Perfect NYC Weekend

/ 19th July 2016
brooklyn brewery

Travelling to New York this summer? Want to experience all that the city of dreams has to offer, without falling into tourist traps or waiting in crowded queues? I’ve put together a list of ideas outside the mainstream activities that’ll give you an authentic and exhilarating experience of New York City.

stone street

Stone Street Eats

Start off your time in the big apple with a delicious bang, visiting stone street!  

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2 Perfect Days: What to Do in Rome

/ 6th May 2015
2 Perfect Days in Rome

The Eternal City is rich with history, culture, beautiful architecture and delicious food – making it the ideal place to relax and enjoy la dolce vita (the sweet life). There is much more to discover here than you can possibly see in two days, but a short visit is enough time to get a taste of the city.

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2 Perfect Days: What to do in Venice

/ 19th April 2015

What to do in Venice:
Our step-by-step city guide to 2 perfect days in Venice, Italy.

The city of water never fails to overwhelm tourists with its cones of gelato and intricate architecture. But Venice is also home to much more; forgotten pieces of history still retain their place in the canals of the city.

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2 Perfect Days in Venice

/ 13th April 2015
2 Perfect Days in Venice

Venice is a romantic and fairy-tale-like city, the perfect place to aimlessly wander down cobblestone streets and alongside canals while soaking up the atmosphere. Pay attention to the details, such as the way the golden evening light reflects on the canals or the way the high heels of the stylish Italian women clip clop on the streets.

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2 Perfect Days: What to do in Milan

/ 20th February 2015

credit: Bert Kaufmann

Your guide on how to spend 2 days in Milan, Italy.

Ah, Milan. The fashionista’s dream. As such, it goes without saying that the shops can resemble a free-for-all at the weekends, but if retail therapy is your thing, then we wouldn’t discourage it.

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2 Perfect Days: What to do in Bruges

/ 9th February 2015
2 days in bruges

credit: Andrés Porras

Your guide on how to spend 2 days in Bruges, Belgium.

For a small city, Bruges has much to enjoy. Of course, while the must-dos include canal tours, admiring the medieval architecture and climbing the 13th century Belfry, we’ve decided to provide some inspiration on the not-so-obvious activities.

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2 Perfect Days: What to do in Amsterdam

/ 29th January 2015
what to do in amsterdam

credit: Per Salomonsson

Your guide for what to do in Amsterdam, Holland over a two day itinerary.

Amsterdam – the city also known as the Venice of the North. With the obligatory activities such as canal cruises, visiting the Anne Frank Museum and nightly walks aside, we’ve looked a little deeper into what this beautiful city has to offer its visitors.

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