Short Back and Sides: Best Men’s Salons in New York

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If you’re in New York and need a haircut, shave, or any other type of grooming, it is worth knowing the places to give a miss and the places you’d do well to visit. In a short and quick guide we bring you the top men’s grooming salons in the Big Apple.

Hommage – With just one store, 750 46th Street (between Lexington and 3rd), the Hommage tale begins with a simple premise: to design a unique experience for men seeking a distinct personal grooming ritual that complements their everyday lifestyle. Co-founded by industrial designer Wolfgang Joensson, there are a number of signature services to be found here.

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John Allan’s – With four outlets operating across New York, John Allan has been at his trade since 1979 when he was under the tutelage of Jean Louis David in Paris. In 1988 Allan set up the first of his stores and now has seven in total, each offering luxury men’s grooming as well as a complete lifestyle experience, should one desire. The Allan signature grooming service includes a scalp massage, hair treatment, hot towel, haircut, manicure and shoe shine – everything the busy gentleman could possibly need. Allan has extended his brand services by including a club, which is essentially a bar for men to watch sports and grab a drink.

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Truman’s – Created by a trio of men who wanted to provide the type of service afforded to women in their own salons, Truman’s accomplishes just that. They pride themselves on quality care and offer massage services as well as the grooming services one would expect to find in one of New York’s premier grooming spots.

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New York Shaving Company – Offering grooming services as well as a host of fine products, New York Shaving Company operate in a world consisting of antique chairs, crisp white coats and nostalgic music – like stepping back in time, one could say. With very much a ‘neighbourhood’ feel, once you’ve finished being shaven and groomed you can buy pretty much whatever you need to maintain your new clean cut look, including razors, brushes, creams and colognes.

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Spiff – Operating in stark contrast to the above, Spiff is all about the modern world. With Wi-Fi, flat screen TVs and a range of drinks on offer, Spiff is like sitting in your front room while receiving a haircut. They still offer all of the traditional grooming services, including straightedge shavers and shoe shines, but do so very much in a modern environment.

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Fellow Barber – One of the more simplistic barbers in NYC, Fellow Barbers is just the job for a quick, hassle-free haircut. With none of the refinements found elsewhere, there’s the option to chat to the barber while he works his magic. Or you could just enjoy the silence.

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