Driving Through the Alps: Best Alpine Driving Routes

Best Alpine Driving Breaks

There is nothing to lift the spirit like a good car, good friends and fantastic views. When you combine those three, you get a break to remember. Here are a few of the best alpine driving routes available as experiences:


Summit Europe’s Highest Road, Col de la Bonette, France

If you like enjoying the challenge of the road, and seeing different cities and cultures, this experience has it all. You can tour the south of France in three days, and see the highest mountain pass in Europe, the Col de la Bonette. Better yet, you can see it all by Lamborghini.

The itinerary is all personalised, as well as the driving routes, activities and scenic stops. The Lamborghini will be at your hotel by the morning, and your nights will be spent at five-star hotels with Michelin Star dining. On the first day, you will drive to, and see Nice.

Day two is set for driving on one of the most famous roads in the world. The Col de la Bonette is 2700 km above sea level in the Alps. You will see Provence and the Parc National de Marcantour. The road surface is like no other, and becomes more challenging as you go higher. The route of descent looks more like five kilometre race course, and part of the route is used for the Tour de France.

On the third day, you will see and experience Monacco. There is a casino, aquarium and Palace. Enjoy the fine dining and beautiful views. You may very well be tempted to keep driving.



Go on a Panoramic Alpen Drive, Landau, Germany

If you are a bit of a romantic at heart, this two-day Wiesmann MF driving break for two, may catch your interest. Enjoy a three night stay, two in Munich and one in Lindau, and Michelin Star Dining. You will have a tasting menu dinner at Esszimmer in Munich and at Vilino in Landau.

You will have and itinerary personalised for you, with a map including restaurants and scenic stops. Remember there is no speed restrictions on the German Autobahn, it’s one of the top driving destinations of the world. Your classic car will take you through breathtaking views including Germany’s wine country, and Lindau’s “Garden of Eden,” on the banks of Lake Constance.

On the first day, enjoy your surroundings and visit the attractions of Munich. During your drive you will be able to enjoy sites from the Alps to Danube plains. Remember to visit Neuschwanstein Castle of King Ludwig II. It inspired the vision of Snow White’s Castle and you can take a break from driving to ride in a horse-drawn carriage up to its door.



Best Alpine Driving Breaks


Go Racing on Top Gear’s ‘World’s Best Road’, Stelvio Pass, Italy

Sharing a driving break is the only way to enjoy this supercar experience. You and a friend can choose from driving two of the world’s fastest cars, a Ferrari Calfornia or a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 through the Alps on a two-night stay in Davos, Switzerland. Feel the combination of power and performance of your choice car, as your guide takes you through sites like Fluela Pass, Stelvio Pass (48 hairpin turns and mountain views) and Stelvio National Park.

Your itinerary will be personalised with a personal guide, routes, activities and stops. You will see Stelvio Mountain Pass and Swiss National Park as well as other sites, while driving on the finest mountain routes in Europe.

If you upgrade the experience, more supercars are made available.



Zip through the Swiss Alps, Klausen Pass, Switzerland

This adventure for two begins and ends in Zurich. Along with the five-star hotel and Michelin dining, you are given one glorious day with a Porsche 911 Turbo to experience driving on the venue of the Klausen Run Vintage Car Race, begun in 1922.

This route is indeed unique. The scenery itself is awe-inspiring, but the driving route is simply thrilling. There is an alternate road for cars, so the traffic on the pass is mainly enthusiasts like you and locals.

You begin by passing some original cobbles, then head through a forest section with tight switchbacks and turns. There are tunnels and more forest, before you come to the Alpine Plateaux. Continuing the ascent, you will take 40 more turns, and see a variety of countryside before pausing at the Klausen Café and begin the descent.

Now you will see sheer drops, which you will treat with caution, sweeping turns, beautiful forests and a wonderous waterfall. The end of the journey will be at the village birthplace of William Tell, Burglen.

Swiss Alps Driving Experience

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There is so much to discover, why not enjoy the drive?

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