Bespoke Beauty: The New DNA Skincare Craze


What if the secret to the best skincare was in your DNA? One of the hottest new trends in the beauty world at the moment is the concept of DNA skincare. There are many people who are getting their DNA tested in order to determine whether or not science can give them clues about how to best care for their skin.

Everyone’s skin is different and the theory is that DNA information could help to determine what type of skin care routine is best for your particular skin. Our DNA contains genes that are passed down from your parents and they hold the keys to everything from hair colour to your risks of certain illnesses.

The DNA skincare labs will analyse your genes for five different single nucleotide polymorphisms – inflammation control factor, glycation protection factor, anti-oxidant protection factor, sun protection factor and collagen formation factor. You will be awarded a diagnosis of low, medium or high risk in each category. Once this information has been determined, Dr. Harper suggests topical skin care options or oral supplements that will allow you to address the genetic needs of your skin.

Rather than using a generic skin care product that may or may not be giving your skin what it needs, this new treatment based on DNA allows you to find a skin care routine that is completely suited to your skin’s particular needs. When you use skincare products that are targeted to your own genetic weaknesses, you will be able to prevent skin deterioration and aging before it even sets in.

The science behind DNA testing for skincare will continue to be developed, with other markers such as acne and discolouration becoming part of the test soon. This will help to make the treatment even more effective for preventing skin problems.


Try it For Yourself

GENEU in London is the first in-store DNA test for personalised skincare and it has been developed by Professor Chris Toumazou at Imperial College in London. His previous inventions have included the artificial pancreas for Type 1 diabetes, the cochlear ear implant and the wireless heart monitor.

The experience will include a consultation with a highly knowledgeable phD-qualified Scientific Advisor and an analysis of your DNA. You will receive a recommendation of the best skincare product for your needs and you can take home a six week supply of your serum. The specific beauty product will be tailored to the needs of your skin so that it will be the most effective treatment possible.

If you are curious about trying DNA skincare to see if it works for you, why not give it a try? Who knows that skincare secrets you could learn from your own DNA?

Personalised Skincare at GENEU

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