How to Enjoy the Benefits of Mud Therapies

mud therapy

Remember how good mud felt as a child? Remember how warm and comforting it was on our skin? And do you remember that bath you would have to take, with all the protests, after you got home? That bath felt good too, didn’t it?

Rasul mud therapy is a traditional Egyptian or Arabian treatment with a place in modern remedy helping soothe the likes of  eczema and psoriasis. It uses mineral mud which encourages many things from blood flow to complexion, while it revives tissues, relieves rheumatic issues and soothes aching muscles.

A good way to remove toxins, it is a stimulating therapy as well, targeting our five senses. The mud, steam, heat and water work together in what is often called a “cleansing ritual.” Often there is a “chamber,” or special chair to sit on during the Rasul mud therapy, as you can see here. The chamber usually sits more than one, so it is perfect for bringing your partner or a friend.

In the Rasul mud chamber, you’re encouraged to get comfortable before your body and face is covered with mineral mud. This isn’t the same mud from your garden, though it is just as natural. Before application, the mud is ground into a powder once dried and sieved to get rid of any rough pieces. Sometimes it is even a combination of several types of mud, each having a special benefit. After which, gentle steam fills the chamber and you relax and let your body detox. Heated seats ensure warmth to the whole body. When the treatment is finishing, a soft shower will rinse the mud away. Some prefer a massage after this treatment, but this is a personal choice.

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So, where can you go for a Rasul mud therapy? Many spas will have variations of this treatment: there are mud masks, mud wraps, and special types of mud used. Spas like the Lanesborough will even have packages to suit individual needs. But mud is for everyone, right? Share this experience with a friend, or give someone the experience of a lifetime.

The experiences allow you to relax and detox in a world-class spa, where you can get the treatment of your choice, even mud treatment. The Corinthia has an expert-filled team, ready to give guests a specialised spa day. Here you’ll find a stunning black mosaic steam room and thermal floors, pools and heat experiences, as well as treatment therapists that are on hand to provide personalised care.

Since we have reached adulthood, and we will never get rid of that little mud-loving child inside, a Rasul mud therapy treatment is just the key to keep both adult, and inner child, happy and healthy.

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