Behind the Scenes at Lord’s Cricket Ground

MCC Cricket Academy

Lord’s Cricket Ground, where champions are made and the next crop of cricketers dream of greatness. How did these grounds come to be, and who is the man behind their creation?

History of Man and Grounds

Thomas Lord was an English businessman, who was also a devoted cricketer, born in 1755. He came to London to improve family finances and got a job at the White Conduit club. There, Lord worked as a groundsman and practice bowler until he was approached by some noblemen who asked for his assistance in finding a private place to play cricket.

Land was found between Middlesex and Essex (Dorset Fields, now known as Dorset Square.) In 1787, this was where the first match of Lord’s was held. It became a very popular and well-liked ground, but by 1809 Lord had to look for a new place for his cricket grounds.

He moved everything to St. John’s Wood on the Eyre Estate. This place was never as popular as the other, and when Lord was told the Regent’s Canal would go through his cricket grounds, he received a sum of £4000 and moved everything to the third and final place where the grounds still are today.


Shane Warne's Australia vs Michael Vaughan's England T20 match

What’s at Lord’s Today?

Today, Lord’s is a world-class and world-famous venue. It’s host to NatWest One Day Internationals, Investec test matches, CB40 matches, Middlesex’s Twenty20 and County Championships to name a few events.

Off the field, Lord’s holds other events such as the annual Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey Lecture. The lecture is part of a worldwide campaign to make sure cricket is always played with the greatest sportsmanship.

On the grounds today, there is a museum that contributes to remembering the history of Cricket. The museum holds the most important artifact, the Ashes Urn, among many other exhibits. The urn was a gift to the captain of the England cricket team, Ivo Bligh, after a match played at Rupertswood Mansion in 1882. After he died, the urn was given to the Marylebone Cricket Club. The cricket lover will enjoying viewing the many photographs, paintings and unlimited artifacts all showing cricket’s development as a sport.

Instead of taking an ordinary tour, why not make a trip to Lord’s a truly unforgettable experience? How about a private cricket lesson and tour with former captain Michael Vaughan? Spend an afternoon with the former captain in your own private group up to eight people, including an hour-long lesson with him at the MCC Cricket Academy and lunch with the man himself in Lord’s Tavern.

Or you can avoid the crowds and have a private tour of the grounds yourself. Imagine a private guided tour lasting almost two hours with your own group of up to 15 people. The expert tour guide will thrill you with knowledge and enthusiasm for cricket.

There is so much to discover at these beautiful, historic grounds, it will be easy to spend a whole day here. It is definitely a cricket-lover’s paradise.

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