The Beauty of Bespoke Fashion

When faced with the dilemma of finding the best gift ever, you don’t need to look much further than bespoke fashion. What can be better than having an exceptional piece of clothing or jewellery created specifically and perfectly for that special someone? Bespoke products are a sure way of getting a one-of-a kind gift and an experience that will create memories to last a lifetime.

But first, what is bespoke? Bespoke (bee-SPOHK) is a term used for custom made products or services. It is usually used when speaking of tailored clothing customised for a certain individual. It’s clothing made to a person’s individual specifications and details, not like made-to-measure or off the rack clothes. Bespoke fashion is unparalleled in finding the perfect fit.

garrison bespokeBespoke fashion is more than just clothes and jewellery. It is a whole experience. You will be dealing with the top tailors, the top cloths, the most unique and precious jewels and have a say every step of the way. For anything from suits to shoes, multiple fittings are often required, sometimes up to five or more, before a precise fit is attained.

Bespoke shops are able to order any unique dye lot for those looking for a specific colour of fabric for a shirt, suit, overcoat or indeed any item. The more unique the dye, the higher the price and the more rare the piece. By finding the exact colour you want, the shop is even more able to achieve a higher degree of personality in the clothing. If ordering a clothing piece, such as a shirt, you would meet the tailor one on one. This is an experience in itself, as you would have no limits to options.

This would begin a beneficial relationship, especially should you desire more than one article of clothing. Take a look at this experience in New York. After having the first shirt made, another consultation is planned before the next five shirts are ordered. Any further touches required are made to better the experience and find that perfect fit.

2014 Bangles Catalogue-12Another niche in the bespoke world is jewellery. Bespoke jewellery concerns one-of-a-kind pieces usually commissioned for a specific person or event. Sketches, moulds and similar techniques are used to bring the client’s wish into existence. As with clothes, the client has as many consultations as needed and, while it can often be a lengthy process (years, sometimes), the end result is always worth the wait.

Jewellery tends to hold a deep level of emotion in every detail because it is connected to a time, place and person. This exquisite bangle from Halcyon Days shows the detail and beauty of Bespoke jewellery. Halcyon Days are regularly commissioned by the Royal family; a testament to the quality of their work.

Bespoke experiences allow you to explore all your gift possibilities and, unlike many days spent perusing the shops, you will never go away empty handed. Not only will you find a perfect gift, you can have something that suits your personality and lifestyle, not just your body.

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