Autumnal Gifts for a Foodie Friend

Carvery Course

Having a certified ‘foodie’ as a friend can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand being friends with a foodie means that you’ll never have a poor dining experience, it means you’ll always be the first to visit the most on-trend eateries and you’ll always have an endless supply of new and exciting foods which they have ‘knocked up’ in their kitchen.

On the other hand, actually catering for them can be difficult and finding them a present related to their food obsession can be the proverbial nightmare.

From a connoisseur of cheese through to a specialist of fine spirits, your foodie friend will invariably enjoy the finer things in life. If you’re looking for autumn gifts for foodies, then why not consider some of these?

Luxury Hamper

A hamper containing the usual fare of cheeses, crackers, cold meats and sweet cakes certainly has its place in the heart of a foodie but why not try something slightly different and buy them a hamper containing the finest British chocolate? An indulgence from dawn to dusk.


Though many eyes may be rolled at the unoriginality of cookbooks, this one is different. ‘Historic Heston’ is Heston Blumenthal’s guide through the culinary history of Britain. Not only informative but, for the budding chef, it gives ideas and tips on how to reclaim long lost recipes.

Cookery classes

We were never going to make it through an autumnal gift article without mentioning the ‘c’ word – Christmas. The run up to the festive holiday is the perfect time for the keen foodie to practise their skills and perhaps learn a few new things. Leiths cookery school offer some amazing Christmas based cookery lessons so the foodie really will impress this year.

Raymond Blanc Cookery School

Meat and carving course

Two separate gifts but as closely entwined as autumn and falling leaves. A gift for the carnivore friend but something that will sustain them during the pre-Christmas rush, while also teaching them a few things. A wonderful, slow cured Iberico ham is the meat, splendidly presented on a wooden stand. It may look daunting to approach but with a private cookery lesson at the Raymond Blanc Cookery School your foodie friend will learn the skills and tips to carve this majestic ham into edible slabs of deeply flavoured, authentic, Iberico ham.

Sloe Gin

As the nights close in there is no better time to gift the foodie (or keep for yourself!) this perfectly seasonal drink. It is made in small batches and is truly a handmade spirit. Using autumnal berries sourced locally it provides a warm, rich, velvety taste, something to keep you feeling warm and fulfilled on those dark, autumnal nights. And if you’d like to taste it with some of the other finest gins, that can be arranged too.

Whisky tasting

If the foodie in your life is ‘made of sterner stuff’ than the sloe gin idea above, then consider a whisky tasting course. Held in a 5-star hotel and taught by the bars dedicated whisky sommelier, this course is guaranteed the warm the heart of any recipient.

Fine Champagne

Every self-confessed foodie loves some bubbles and if you are planning on treating the foodie in your life, you could do much worse than considering picking a fine Champagne. With a service that includes bottle personalisation and advice on which Champagne to pick, this is a gift which is sure to please.

Top-Range Knife Set

Any self-respecting foodie who ‘dabbles’ in their kitchen needs to have a collection of knives to rival any restaurant kitchen and with this lot you’ll able to select a present from the very best.

There we have it, a selection of pure luxurious gifts for the foodie in your life this autumn.

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