Top 5 Rules for Gifting Well

Gifting Well

Follow our 5 rules for gifting well and you won’t go wrong this holiday season…

1. Give Them Something to Talk About

Unique gifts with a bit of a story behind them are far more interesting. You want them to be so thrilled by the present that they just have to go and tell all their friends about it. Use the 5 person test: you know it’s a winner if they tell 5 different people about their gift.

2. Plan Ahead

A present well thought out and prepared in advance stands out a mile compared to a present that has been bought in a rush. To avoid disappointment , don’t make that midnight run to the supermarket. There’s a reason they call them “last minute gifts”.  Because in most cases, the excitement lasts about a minute.

Gifting Well

3. Avoid the Obvious

Don’t ask them what they want. Gifts which maintain the element of surprise are far more meaningful. A good starting point is to think back to past conversations and in-jokes you’ve had. This shows that you’ve been listening and that you really care.

4. Think Back

Get them something that triggers a good memory; whether its from 15 years ago or last month. For example, if their favorite childhood book was Alice in Wonderland, have a look for a vintage signed copy. Something like this will show you remember the little things.

5. Show Them You Know Them

Go even further and get them something they will love but don’t yet know they love. This rule is harder than the rest. It only tends to come after you have known someone a while. Just have a look around, the right present will jump out at you.

Follow these 5 simple rules for gifting and let us know how you get on. If you need additional help and advice, our Concierge will be glad to help – simply email: [email protected].  And if you have other tried and tested tips or recommendations, we would love to hear them as well.

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