5 Ladylike Gifts for the Bride


If you’re reading this, then you’re probably about to attend a wedding, and you’re probably short of ideas on what you should be gifting the newlyweds. Luckily for you, it might not involve looking much further, because our highly refined connoisseurs, or ‘tastemakers’ as we like to call them, have plenty in the way of inspiration for gifts for the bride. The following is a selection from our collection specifically put together with the ‘better half’ in mind. For the other half, see Gentlemanly Gifts for the Groom.

Floris of London Perfume Personalisation


There’s only one way of omitting all the time spent searching for that particular scent, and there’s only one place where a woman wants to be doing it. The Royal-warranted Floris will provide a 90-minute consultation to craft a blend of fragrances based on the preferences of the lady in question. As the saying goes, if you want anything done, do it yourself.

South African Wine Tasting at the Montague on the Gardens


Montague on the Gardens
If the bride has heard of Bouchard Finlayson, than she’ll already know they are responsible for the finest of fine wines to come out of South Africa. If she hasn’t, then what better way to learn? Culture lovers will especially take to the Montague, as the hotel is located right in the midst of Literary Bloomsbury.

Go London Wine Tasting

Harrods Shopping Spree, Michelin Star Dining, and 5-star Accommodation

credit: Herry Lawford

Neither Harrods nor Hibiscus needs an introduction, though it might be noting that the combination of the two and a 5-star hotel stay equates to something that surpasses even typical celebrity lifestyle. With a first-rate standard of shopping, fine dining, and hotel stay all in one day with a person of her choosing, there is little more a woman could possibly want.

Go London Shopping at Harrods

Luxury Paris Break with Patisserie Class


patisserieIf you thought the Harrods shopping spree was full of spoils, then think again. In addition to two nights at a 5-star hotel and a tasting menu fit for royalty, included is the rare opportunity to create classic French desserts under the guidance of a friendly and professional chef passionate about his work. All of which takes place in the coeur of the world’s romantic capital.

Create Pastry Masterpieces

Franco-Japanese Fusion Brunch at L’Etranger



A restaurant serving an amalgam of French and Japanese cuisine might raise an eyebrow or two. Labelled by Zagat as one of the five best brunches in London, L’Etranger does indeed provide a unique and well-engineered Japanese twist on a traditional French menu. While this somewhat outlandish conglomeration of foods from continents apart might be what gave the restaurant its name, according to Square Meal it ‘dishes out top-end contemporary food in minimalist, sexy surrounds.

Eat Scrumptious French Brunch

If none of the above happen to suit the wife-to-be’s needs, then our tastemakers will receive a slap on the wrist. More gift ideas for the bride can be perused in the ‘for her’ section.

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