The 5 Most Gorgeous Wedding Cakes Money Can Buy

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As we’re dipping into the wedding season, it’s only natural that we’d want to explore the types of indulgence we find most appealing to the eyes and the stomach on any given wedding day. Cake, in other words. Out of five categories, we have picked the very best sponge-based luxuries currently available. But heed our warning: these cakes are mouth-wateringly voluptuous, and may very well have you drooling uncontrollably.


‘Pink Vintage’ by Maisie Fantaisie
The 5 Most Gorgeous Wedding Cakes Money Can Buy

This 3-tiered cake from Maisie Fantaisie is at its core a chocolate fudge cake, despite what you might discern from its outside appearance. Pink Vintage is also comprised of Amedei Toscano chocolate buttercream, Fortnum and Mason’s rose petal jelly, sugar pipework, satab and grosgrain ribbon, and pink heart crystals.


‘Naked’ Rustic Victoria Sponge by Nichola Reith

Deemed ‘naked’ because of its lack of icing, this wedding-themed incarnation of the Victoria Sponge cake takes a classic British household favourite and slaps on another 10 layers for good measure. Other than that and a little something in the way of decoration, there’s not much to it.


The ‘Belgian’ by Maisie Fantaisie
The 5 Most Gorgeous Wedding Cakes Money Can Buy

Maisie Fantaisies’s cakes are so painfully appetising that we thought they should feature twice in this list. This one is undoubtedly put out there for the chocoholics among us; all of its four tiers consist of a Belgian chocolate fudge sponge, and are held together with a delectable combination of Amedei Toscano chocolate buttercream and palisaded Belgian chocolate plaques.


‘Purple Orchids’ by Rosalind Miller
Purple Orchids

We couldn’t have a selection of scrumptious cakes without including Rosalind Miller. A handmade 4-tiered wedding cake, ‘Purple Orchids’ is a more traditional-looking arrangement simpily adorned with sugar moth orchids. The beautiful half spiral aesthetic crawls up the cake from a dark purple hue to a pale lilac.


Topsy-Turvy‘ by Colin Cowie

While Colin Cowie’s design is based on the sort of cake you’d expect to see at a wedding, it has a very unconventional twist. We can only speculate as to how many tiers it technically possesses, but what we do know is that this cake is gloriously wrapped in a brittle coating of white chocolate fondant.

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