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Pearl Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Of all the fish in the sea, you swam right up to your partner and chose them to be your lucky fish to marry. And hopefully, you’re still happy with your decision as you approach your 30th wedding anniversary.

If you’re like me and you like to keep things old-school, you’ll want to follow the traditional wedding anniversary gift theme, which after thirty years of marriage is pearl. Derived from oysters, pearls represent that your love has endured difficulties and given you treasures in return.

Pearl necklace, pearl bracelet, and pearl earrings? Boring. Here are some ideas for unique wedding gifts that are totally out of the oyster, I mean box. 

Antique Tour – Hunt for Pearls

Ever watched people on TV debating if an antique is of true value or not? Now you have the chance to learn and do it yourself! On your 30th wedding anniversary, why not invite your spouse on a private antique walking tour in London? You’ll be accompanied by none other than BBC ‘Antique Roadshow’ presenter and expert, Mark Hill.

After a cup of coffee with Mark to get you buzzing, explore the plethora of trinkets and collectibles on display at the famous Alfies Antique Market, London’s largest indoor antiques and vintage market. Take this as a scavenger hunt to find the best pearl gift to suit your anniversary! Use bargaining techniques that Mark taught you, or by chatting with different dealers to learn the stories behind each antique.

Personally choosing and bargaining for a pearl-themed gift among hundreds of other nick nacks makes this unique wedding anniversary experience that much more special.


Travel to Budapest – the ‘Pearl of the Danube’

When you’re a married couple going on thirty years of marriage, it can feel close to impossible to find time to enjoy each other’s company. Raising kids, business meetings, laundry, family engagements; I get it – life can be demanding. But come on! It’s your 30th wedding anniversary, and you need to treat your spouse to something better than dinner at your local restaurant. How does a five-star gastronomic getaway to Budapest sound?

No pearl products. This time, you are inside the pearl yourself! Dubbed the ‘Pearl of the Danube’, Budapest is arguably one of the most attractive and romantic European capitals. Spend the night in a five-star hotel and enjoy an unforgettable wine-tasting experience in an authentic Hungarian wine cellar. The two of you will also have the chance to savour contemporary Hungarian cuisine at a leading Michelin star restaurant. Great food, great wine and great company. It’s no wonder taking a getaway like this one has been proven to boost happiness.


Budapest at night


His & Her Personalized Pearl Perfume

Before you got hitched, you’ll remember falling in love with your partner’s captivating charm and good looks. But do you remember falling in love with their scent? 

Science has shown that it’s even more likely that we feel attracted to a person’s scent rather than their looks. Our sense of smell says how much we can feel drawn to a person. In honour of this aromatic revelation, treat each other to a His & Her personalised perfume experience with Britain’s oldest and best-respected perfume retailer, Floris. The Royal Perfumers have an impressive list of clientele, including Marilyn Monroe, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, and now you.

Champagne in hand, enjoy a two-hour private consultation with a Floris perfumer in their iconic flagship store in London. Together the two of you will craft your fragrances based on your style, tastes, and emotions until both you’ve created both of your unique tailored fragrances. Your Customised Eau de Parfums are presented in a bespoke fragrance gift box containing an engraved fragrance bottle. 

So how does this relate to pearl? Before your anniversary day, you could secretly work with the Royal Perfumers and ask them to make your bottle pearl-themed or pearl-embellished. If that doesn’t work out, simply accompany your perfume bottle with a beautiful pearl necklace or pearl cufflinks. 

Personalised perfume Floris


Visit the Queen’s Crown Jewels

Surprise your Queen or King with a Tower of London tour. A must-visit destination, the world-famous Tower of London holds a fascinating 1000 year history and is home to the equally renowned Crown Jewels. The Queen has a seriously impressive collection of ceremonial regalia, and you can bet your biffy there are a lot of pearls. The Imperial State Crown alone contains 269 pearls, 2,868 diamonds, 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds and 4 rubies! 

As far as days out in London go, it doesn’t get much better than following your royal tour with a fine-dining lunch at elegant riverside restaurant, Le Pont de la Tour. Innovative French cuisine with stunning views of the City and Tower Bridge make this a royally romantic affair.


Oyster Shucking Masterclass

Celebrate a pearl that could have been by devouring the tasty, slimy gifts from the ocean that are oysters. One of London’s best Scottish restaurants, Mac & Wild Devonshire Square revealed their Glenfiddich Oyster & Whisky Terrace just in time for summer – and it’s as scrumptious as it sounds. 

Hailing all the way from Cumbrae Firth in Scotland, their oysters are as fresh as they are delicious – you can all but smell the clean ocean air. Have heaps of fun learning the intricate process of oyster shucking, before dining on your own shucked oysters. This sure is one unique way to celebrate your pearl-themed anniversary. Did I mention that oysters happen to be one of nature’s best aphrodisiacs?

Oyster Shucking and Whiskey


Pearl of London – Cruise on River Thames and London Eye Experience

Up the romance even more with a cruise down the River Thames on the MV Pearl of London. This brand-new, spacious vessel boasts one of the largest open-air decks on the river, making it a prime spot to enjoy the unrestricted views of London’s most iconic landmarks. Prosecco in hand, watch the twinkling city lights go by as you toast to thirty years of shared memories.

After your romantic cruise, take your partner to another pearl of London, the London Eye. Share breath-taking panoramic views in the private ‘Cupid Capsule’, toasting the occasion with champagne and truffles at soaring heights. The romance continues as you come back down to Earth for fine French-inspired dining at double Michelin-starred restaurant, The Greenhouse. If that’s not the perfect anniversary experience, then I don’t know what is.


Pearly Private Suite At The Dorchester Spa

How does a couple’s spa day at one of the world’s most iconic luxury hotels sound? The Dorchester Spa is simply dripping with 1930s Art Deco glamour, featuring shimmering mirrored designs, plush velvet-covered chaise longues, and an ultra-luxurious midnight blue relaxation room.

But without a doubt, the show-stopper is the spectacular chandelier centerpiece made of 73 000 South Pacific pearls.

Pamper yourselves with an indulgent day in the private couples’ spa suite. Following a relaxing facial and aromatherapy massage, savour a healthy lunch together in the indulgent Spatisserie. Described as ‘dining on a cloud,’ it’s the perfect end to your revitalising spa day.

Pearl chandelier at Dorchester Spa


Sure, a piece of pearl jewellery for a 30th wedding anniversary gift is a grand gesture, but heed my pearls of wisdom – experiences make for the best anniversary gifts.

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