How to Hygge: The Danish Way to Be Cosy

Natalie gin tasting Worship Street Whistling Shop

Photo by Truly client Natalie, from her gin tasting at Worship Street Whistling Shop

Hygge’s hype can be strongly felt throughout the UK these days. Originating from a Norwegian word meaning “well-being,” hygge can be loosely translated to cosiness, the art of happiness, calm togetherness, and well, you get the picture. I think we are all in need of a little cosiness; here are some tips for hygge-ing up your life!

1- Candles – It’s pretty widely accepted that you just can’t hygge without candles. Candlelight provides a comforting atmosphere to kick off your sense of well-being. In Danish, candles are called levende lys, or ‘living lights’!

2-Turn off your phone – Be here now. Ok, maybe take a photo to preserve the memory, and then put the phone away. Hygge is dependent on being present in, and savouring, the moment.

Ishil Kew Gardens
Photo from Ishil, taken on a private tour of Kew Gardens

3- Pleasure – Treat yourselves. Hygge is about being kind to yourself, and enjoying your food and drink without guilt. Coffee, cakes, chocolate, these are all hyggelist. So go on then, indulge.

Steffany Taj51 Alice tea
Photo from Steffany, taken at the Alice in Wonderland Tea at Taj 51

4- Comfort – Get cosy. Casual comfort is key to hygge. Find an intimate hyggekrog (or nook), bring on the sheepskin throw, the pillows, the wooly jumper!

5- Togetherness – Humans tend to be happier together. The joy of good company goes a long way in boosting our overall well-being. For an optimal hyggelig time, gather up 3 or 4 friends – small circles provide for the cosiest socialising.

Matthew Baranis wine flight
Photo from Matthew, taken at a wine flight at Baranis

Find more experiences to help you create hyggelig, happy memories on the Truly site! 

And to find out more about the Danish concept, I would recommend The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well by Meik Wiking. 

Do you have any other great recommendations for living a hygge lifestyle?