Yoga advice with Salema Veliu

Looking to expand your physical abilities, kick start a healthy lifestyle, or find peace of mind? Try yoga!

Here is some advice on starting your own yoga practice from our interview Salema Veliu.

How Does Yoga Help Us?

Salema explains that yoga reminds us of who we really are and helps us reconnect. It helps us cultivate self-acceptance and allows us to see what is blocking us from reaching our true potential. We can then improve not only our agility and balance, but also our emotional intelligence. Relationships at work, love and play are improved.

Do You Need To Do Yoga And Meditation?

Salema says, “Absolutly YES.”

Yoga and meditation go hand-in-hand, as these practices allow us to match actions, thoughts and words into “alignment” to create a state of well-being.

“The physical side of yoga (movement) was created to prepare the body to be still for meditation,” said Salema.”The physical side of yoga is only one step of the eight step path towards enlightenment or illumination, as I prefer to call it, the Raja Yoga Path.”

Salema Veliu

Yoga and Unlocking Our Full Potential

There are over 130 types of yoga practiced globally, but all stem from three main methods: Primary Series Ashtanga with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, B.K.S. Iyengar – Iyengar tradition and Sri T Krishnamacharya + TKV Desikachar – Yoga therapy.

Salema teaches many different varieties, creating opportunities for everyone to find a yoga style that suits their lifestyle and abilities. By using both Eastern and Western philosophy, we can uncover the recurring patterns in our own lives. These patterns reflect in the way we respond and react to each yoga pose.  With this knowledge, Salema combines yoga, meditation, psychology and life coaching into her practice, individually tailored for each student.

She says, “To unstick ourselves from these habits, we can then use the practices of meditation, coaching, psychology and science to understand our emotions. This will support our nervous system, which affects our physical form as well as our mental health.”

One type of yoga Salema teaches is Vinyasa. Vinyasa can be slow and articulated, or a more “power-based” variety with a focus on physical form rather than spiritual. This reflects in a strong cardiovascular experience.

Salema Veliu

Yoga at Home

Salema says discipline and commitment are key elements needed to practice yoga at home.

“When you practice by yourself at home, the mat becomes your go-to place for restoring calm and inspiration to your life.”

If you would like some guidance with yoga, Salema offers a private yoga experience.

For Salema, what matters most is the teaching, regardless if she is teaching in a studio or in a home, to a group of ten, or to one person.

“I highly recommend to new teachers that it is with only through the one-on-ones that you build your skill and style as a teacher.”