9 Unusual Honeymoon Destinations You Need to See

friendly giraffes at giraffe manor

After the wedding is over, the drinks have stopped pouring and the guests have departed, there’s only one thing that the newlyweds look forward too. You guessed it! Their honeymoon. The very first journey as a couple and an occasion to enjoy time together, away from home, secluded and in each other’s company. Of course, while this feeling of new-found bliss may be enough to keep a young couple preoccupied for days, it’s not enough to turn a honeymoon into an unforgettable experience.

So we’ve comprised a list of beautiful yet unusual honeymoon destinations for you and your significant other to consider when planning your trip.

1.      Vaadhoo Island – Maldives

maldives beach sea of starsVaadhoo Island, image source

If you’re fond of surreal sceneries, sandy beaches and romantic evening strolls, Vaadhoo Island may be an ideal destination for your honeymoon. However, it’s not the calm waters, the sandy beaches or the jaw-dropping sunsets that you should be looking forward to. Vaadhoo Island is world-renowned for its glowing blue waves, better known as the “Sea of Stars”- a once-in a lifetime experience that should be savoured for more than just a few fleeting evenings.

2.      Pearl Farm Adventure

Diving and finding a pearl is a unique experience, and luckily, there are many pearl farms who offer couples the opportunity of diving into the turquoise lagoons and returning with an oyster whose prized pearls are theirs to keep. Whether Tahaa or Bora Bora, there are amazing adventures awaiting to be discovered!

pearl farming and oystersfrom a freshwater mussel, image courtesy of Pearlsonly

3.      Giraffe Manor, Kenya

If eating breakfast with a giraffe is your idea of a wonderful morning, I need not say more. This quaint boutique guesthouse is a once-in-a-lifetime destination located in the suburb of Lang’ata Nairobi. Countless friendly giraffes surround the estate, popping by unexpectedly for a sip of tea, a bite of your apple or a swift greeting. What can be sweeter than this?

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friendly giraffes at giraffe manorUnique Giraffe Manor, including friendly giraffes. Image courtesy of Travelettes

4.      Takinoue Park

Known for its famous Pink Moss Park, Takinoue is a small town in Hokkaido, Japan. From early June, visitors can marvel at the bright pink carpet that covers the entire park (now spanning over an area of 100,000 sq.). The park is an epitome of Japanese perseverance: it began back in 1956 when only a box-full of phlox seeds were planted. Yearly, more flowers were added to the park until it created the beautiful flower carpet that is in full bloom until June.

takinoue pink moss parkTakinoue Park, image courtesy of Pinterest

5.      Amalfi Coast

Amalfi sparkles as one of the most beautiful examples of Mediterranean landscape, boasting coastal mountain scenery, a stunning vertical scene, colourful towns and rich, picturesque forests. This handsome and breath-taking destination is an ideal romantic getaway spot, where couples can enjoy a secluded private beach afternoon or an energetic hike up Ravello.

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colorful amalfi coastAmalfi Coast, image courtesy of PickYourTrail

6.      Cape Town, South Africa

Young couples will fall in love with Cape Town and all it has to offer. Animal lovers, athletes and action-enthusiasts will enjoy this destination for the numerous hiking opportunities, natural reserves and mountain views. If you’re fond of sandy coves, you’ll be pleased to know that Boulders Beach, sheltered between granite boulders, is not only famous for its luscious sands but also resident penguin colony.

cape town sceneryCape Town scenery, image courtesy of Fansshare

7.      Kakslauttanen Igloo Resort

Is there anything more beautiful than experiencing the northern lights in an angelic scenery and unique accommodation? Instead of spending your honeymoon on sandy beaches, consider sleeping under the stars in the cabin of your dreams: log cabins or glass igloos specially designed to showcase the beauty of the Northern Lights and the Lappish wilderness.

7. Kakslauttanen Igloo ResortGlass Igloos, image courtesy of Flickr

8.      Borobudur, Indonesia

Exploring ancient runes and cutting off the modern world is a perfect way to spend your honeymoon, and aside from Machu Picchu, Borobudur is one of the ideal spots to spend your honeymoon in. Whether you want to experience a spiritual awakening, take in the beauty of the sunset behind the imposing monument or simply to marvel at the majestic monument, Borobudur is the place for you. The region boasts surreally beautiful scenery, lush green rice fields and traditional villages.

the temple of borobudur at sunriseBorobudur Temple at sunrise, Image Source

9.      Medjumbe Island, Mozambique

This destination has the perfect blend or romantic ambiance and undiscovered spirit. Remote yet luxurious, this destination is filled with uninhabited beaches, sandy shores and views of endless blue as far as the eye can see. It’s certainly the go-to destination if you wish to have the tropical island experience, rustic luxury and serene ocean surroundings.

island of medjumbe mozambiqueMedjumbe, Mozambique, image courtesy of MedjumbeAnantara