The Love Of The Silver Screen: Top 4 Gifts For Film Lovers

Heather Dilts-Baiano
Top 4 Gifts for Film Lovers

They are passionate. They love drama, action and comedy. They are lovers of film. When a new movie comes out, they are the first to see it, first to dissect its meaning and express opinions. Perhaps this is why it is interesting and challenging to find the perfect gift for them. Let’s take a look at the top 4 gifts for film lovers.


Luxury Soho Cinema and Dining

Give a gift combining food and film with this luxury Soho Hotel dining and a movie experience.

Enjoy an afternoon for two at this top London destination. The gift includes a film screening with either a three course lunch, dinner or afternoon tea in the Refuel restaurant. Refuel is an award-winning restaurant, serving international and modern dishes created with fresh, organic produce. You can choose to eat before or after your film.

Films-of-the-week are shown every Sunday in a state-of-the-art screening room at the Soho Hotel. You can see a new release or an everlasting classic. Here is a creative gift that will make memories fit for a movie star.



Trip to The Sundance Festival

Do you love the spotlight, talking to people, seeing films and travelling, why not take a trip to the Sundance Film Festival? This is a 10-day festival open to the public in Utah, USA. There are meet and greets with film makers, multiple screenings for films of different genres, festival passes and packages, panel discussions and of course, celebrity sightings. Last minute screening tickets are often available, and there are many ongoing activities.

This festival hold a combination of films ranging from documentaries, shorts, New Frontier films, performances and music. If you are feeling right, submit your own film for the festival!


Create and Star in Your Own Sitcom

If simply watching a film just isn’t enough of a gift for your special occasion, why not star IN your very own sitcom?

Perhaps you would like to include your family and friends on this one-of-a-kind gift experience. Bring a your own television story to life with Luxus films. You will work with set designers, directors, scriptwriters and other actors, ending with a professionally edited show.

Don’t worry about looking the part either, everyone will have their make-up and wardrobe done by experts before any action starts. Here is your time to shine!

Luxury Cinemas in London


Smartphone Projector

Would you rather have something to wrap as a gift, but still holds that unique, one-of-a-kind feeling?

How about a retro-style projector, adapted to work with a smartphone? This projector fits phones up to 3×5.5 inches. It can show videos, photos, or even text. It’s a great way to show travel photos at a get together, or share photos of the bride and groom at a wedding, without having to deal with heavy or cumbersome equipment. It is easy to assemble, and has no need for an outward power source.

It is easy to see why these are the top four gifts for film lovers. Each of these gifts are unique and call to the many types of movie fans. Whether it be for a birthday, anniversary or housewarming gift, these gifts are entertaining for all.


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