The World’s Most Decorated Michelin Star Chefs

Hugh Thomas
Behind the Scenes at Michelin Star Kitchens

There are a lot of chefs famous for their achievements, but only a handful can lay claim to international recognition.

Joël Robuchon – 28 stars

Joël Robuchon is currently decorated with 28 stars. Robuchon, widely known as the ‘Chef of the Century’, is one of the pioneers of molecular gastronomy. His more recent career years, however, have focused on more traditional cooking techniques. He’s also famous for his plate-throwing – having launched a piece of dishware in the direction of Gordon Ramsay, who Robuchon had mentored!



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Alain Ducasse – 19 stars

credit: Wikicommons

In 1998, Alain Ducasse was the first chef to ever collect 6 Michelin stars. 15 years later, that record is a distant memory, with Ducasse’s current number up to 19.

Ducasse is particularly well known for possessing an obsession with the finer points in just about everything, whether it’s in the kitchen or not. Spoons, butter dishes, tablecloths, font on the menu – even curtain rods won’t escape the man’s scrupulousness.

Gordon Ramsay – 6 stars

Gordon_Ramsaycredit: Wikicommons

Ramsay is perhaps the world’s most famous chef, blaspheming his way onto television screens in just about every part of the English-speaking world. His restaurants currently hold 6 stars. His signature restaurant, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea, London, has held 3 Michelin stars since 2001.

Perhaps it’s a shame Ramsay receives more attention for his short fuse than he does his food, especially when he’s achieved so much in the kitchen. Not one to ever be too far out of the headlines, Ramsay famously broke down in tears after his New York restaurant went from two star st to no star status.

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Thomas Keller – 7 stars

kellercredit: Arnold Gatialo

The Michelin guide might not be the ultimate honour in the US, but Keller has gone about setting a fine example, as he’s the only American chef to hold all six out of his total seven stars simultaneously.

Keller’s three star establishment French Laundry celebrated its 20-year anniversary last year, and was on two occasions deemed the best restaurant on the planet. He’s a chef who’s widely celebrated in America, and has made a good name for himself in France, but his culinary empire doesn’t look like it’s soon to expand. ‘You know,’ he told Huffington Post, ‘I’m 57 years old and I can’t stay in the kitchen forever.’

Heston Blumenthal – 6 stars

hestoncredit: Garry Knight

Heston has been one of the UK’s most popular chefs, though some might even go as far as calling him a national treasure. He currently holds six Michelin stars while the restaurant that claims three of them, The Fat Duck, was briefly thought the best restaurant in the world.

Blumenthal’s successful career is for the large part thanks to his unique (bizarre, some say) techniques in the kitchen. Despite his inventive ways often questioned by the more conservative chefs, it would be unfair to say his efforts have not contributed to the refinement of British cuisine. The man himself has even recently gone on record to say British gastronomy is in the best shape ever.


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  • Gates, William

    gordon ramsay is the only one who really matters, he does more and works more and he has helped countless people with his shows like kitchen nightmares etc, stars dont necessarily define how great a chef is but having said that gordon is worth so much more stars than he has already got

    • zfilmmaker .

      You praise what you don’t know, Gordon Ramsey shows are just entertainment. Everything is scripted and planned. He hasn’t helped anyone but himself. He’s never at any of his restaurants, which is why his stars are falling. When you’re a top Michelin chef, that means you’re in the kitchen killing yourself to be the best and most innovative. I’ve had the opportunity to dine at Joel Robuchon’s L’Atelier in Las Vegas and Paris, it was nothing short of amazing. Alain Ducasse’s Adour and Benoit in NYC, La Trattoria in Monaco and Allard in Paris. Gordon Ramsey restaurants in Dubai, Singapore and Las Vegas and they’re nowhere as good. In Dubai on a friday night his restaurant was empty, it was myself and my girlfriend and 3 others at a table across the room. His restaurants run without him, and as a result fail. That is not the measure of a Michelin chef.

      • Amy Jo Turner

        pretentious name dropper lol

      • htown trucker

        Ive never been to a michelin star restaurant, but i imagine if I did I would never admit to myself or anyone else how bad the food was. Spending several hundred dollars for fish brains or white truffles sauteed in goat blood and admitting it sucked would just grate on me. Give me a burger and fries any day.

      • Brittany

        Actually the restaurant in NYC that lost stars is related to Ramsay in name only. He sold the restaurant to the London hotel and they have a license agreement that allows them to keep his name associated with the place. He no longer has anything to do with the running of the business or the food they produce.

        • flickofda_wrist

          thats where he messed up, a chef takes his stars with him, who sells their restaurant and enables them to keep his name under it, just bad overall and it was about time karma returned.

      • Militarymike93

        Im sorry but you are severely wrong with your statement and completely in accurate none of them are the head chefs of there restaurants they all are never there and ramsay does go around helping failing restaurant’s on his own with out the tv show i know this personally and i have eatin at all of there restaurant’s and they are all amazing yes but none of them go to there places but ramsay is the best of all time in and out of the kitchen so befor you make statements like this know what your talking about

        • Sally McCullough

          A) Almost none of the restaurants he “helped” are still open, I think 4 of 25 are still operating.

          b) Love watching all his shows, would never eat anything that he handles & handles & over-handles. Ugh!

          • Anthony Prusky

            None of those closures cant be blamed on Ramsay. The owners were in over their heads most of the time. The advice and the help he gives people are 100% valid. After he leaves, if they sell, or run it into the ground, that’s not on him. Look at Lido di Manhattan, I went there last year and met the owner, Lisa. She has his picture framed near the entrance to the kitchen, every time she walked by it you could see her look at it, almost as a thank you. You may not like his attitude, but he knows what he is talking about.

      • Atownmafia23

        You sound like a faggot cunt

    • Roger Thompson

      I completely agree he is a perfectionist and is very passionate about what he does. If he cooked for you it would be heaven on a plate.

  • Dan

    How does Gordon Ramsay have 14 currently? 3 at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. 1 at Petrus. 1 at Maze. 2 at Trianon. 7 total. even if you type in “Gordon Ramsay” on Google, his official website says he has 7.

    • trulyexperiences_chris

      Hi Dan. You’re quite right – Gordon has amassed 16 overall, while the current total stands at 7. Thanks for letting us know!

      • Dan

        Yes, np! I was just checking in case I got it wrong myself!

      • Emily Stone

        Does this mean that he has lost nine?

  • Matthew Soulman Wallace

    Yes but here is the thing though as a top chef is it possible to be at all your places you own if you own so many. You can quite rightly be Gordon Ramsay and film for TV and work at some point in a place you own but you can’t be everywhere. Not forgetting he still wants time with his family. He is to me still capable of winning stars and showing his places his owns to be worthy of a star or 2 which he might be in cooking or not if not then he has his team who will do the best for him. It is a lot easier when you have say only one eating place.

  • Eni Anna Urbańska

    Forgot about people like Martin Berasategui from Basque Country, Spain holding 7 or even more stars now. The article is not complete. The world does not end in the english-speaking parts!

    • trulyexperiences

      Hi Eni, we’re currently revising the article to bring it up to date and make it complete. Thanks for your feedback!

  • Ray

    How do you forget Pierre Gagnaire with 14 stars, Hideki Ishikawa (two with three stars) has 8, Carme Ruscalleda (the most starred female chef) and Yoshihiro Murata has 7.

    • trulyexperiences

      Hi Ray, we’re currently revising the article to bring it up to date and make it complete. Stay tuned!