The Most Collectible Gins in the World


Whether you prefer it with plenty of tonic or somewhat drier, in a martini, there can be no denying that a tipple of gin provides rather an enjoyable refreshment. Indeed, it’s said that it was even used to help prevent malaria by British officers in India. We’ve searched out the most collectible gins in the world, so you can try some of the finest juniper.

Bols Genever

The Dutch stake their claim to the invention of gin and it is fair to say that Lucas Bols, makers of Bols Genever, are one of the oldest spirit companies in the world. Indeed, this malty tasting number predates the London Dry and American gins.
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Sipsmith V.J.O.P

The Dutch may claim whatever they like, but we know gin’s spiritual home is in London. Sipsmith’s V.J.O.P is gin for gin lovers, with enhanced juniper accompanied by, first, zesty orange, then dark chocolate with a long and dry finish.
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Most Collectible Gins in the World

Martin Miller’s gin being served with tonic

Berkeley Square

This very fine gin has a rather aromatic lavender smell, while the flavours include hints of black pepper and lime. The flavourful taste is perhaps no surprise, since Berkeley Square use a unique ‘boucquet garni’ distillation process – which features botanicals such as basil and kaffir lime leaves.
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Williams Chase Elegant Gin

A fabulous partner for tonic, Williams Chase gin is distilled no less than 100 times, over a period of more than two years, in order to achieve its unique taste. The flavours of juniper, apple and elderflower pack a punch.
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Martin Miller’s

Martin Miller’s perfume charm makes it a summer favourite. Though it is distilled in the Black Country, it is mixed with Icelandic water – sourced from the company’s very own pure, unpolluted hidden spring. The water emerges, icy and alive, to see daylight for the first time and create a perfect accompaniment to the gin.
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Most Collectible Gins in the World

The popularity of gin in recent years has seen a large number of fashionable cocktails made with the spirit

Tanqueray No. Ten

Despite its abundance of ‘celebrity’ fans, including Snoop Dogg, the refined tasting Tanqueray is a delightful gin. No. 10 is made with handpicked fruit and botanicals. The hint of coriander is the highlight, presided over by master distiller Tom Nichol.
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Nolet’s Reserve Dry Gin

Most certainly the godfather of all artisanal gins, the Nolet family’s gin is the most expensive in the world – at $700 a bottle. The botanicals included are a closely guarded secret, though it is known that the recipe includes saffron, often the world’s most expensive spice, which lends the spirit a golden hue. The nose and palate of Nolet’s Reserve meld together perfectly to create an incomparable experience.
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  • Katie Corley

    I must say Martin Miller’s is my personal favourite. Always perfect in a G&T.