15 Extraordinary Experiences for Your Bucket List in 2015

Bloon Near Space Flight

It’s at this time of year that people start thinking about new year’s resolutions and items to fill their bucket list for the next year. There are all manner of suggestions out there to help with this, but we’ve put together the bucket list to end all bucket lists, for we have the 15 most extraordinary experiences you don’t want to miss out on in 2015.

Live Like a Spy for Two Months

In reality, life as a spy might not be quite the same as James Bond. In fact, it’s all the more intense and thrilling. Live the life of an MI6 agent, liaising with former UK and US spies on a top-secret mission. The action will be woven into your daily life, as you are swept up into a real-time, fast-paced adventure.

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Do Something Out of this World

It’s not every day you get to head into space. The opportunity to leave planet earth is now a reality, however, and there is little better way to do it than with Bloon. Inside a stratospheric balloon, you can take off anywhere you like in the world. You’ll then travel 36km above the planet, with panoramic windows giving you quite the 360 degree view. For an added touch of luxury, you can even have Michelin star food served while on-board.

Take Off >>

Have Your Own Bespoke Tea Blend Made

Henrietta Lovell isn’t just any ‘tea lady’, she’s the tea lady for the entire nation of Great Britain. Lovell has dedicated her life to traversing the planet to find the finest independent tea gardens that produce the best tea leaves in any given year. She then combines her discoveries into personalised blends for the likes of Johnnie Walker and Noma. Rather like having a suit tailor made to your specifications, you can join these illuminaries and have your own blend made. You’ll get a three month supply of the stuff to enjoy, too.

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Rare Tea Company Africa

Drive the Monaco F1 Circuit by Ferrari or McLaren

Whether you’re for the glitz of the Scuderia or the British guile of McLaren, there can be little denying that Monaco’s Circuit de Monte Carlo is the world’s most famous Formula 1 track. In the immortal words of Nikki Lauda, “a win at Monaco is worth two anywhere else”. Conquer the circuit yourself, by the beastly Ferrari 458 Spider or McLaren MP4-12C Spider.

Make Your Own Signature Cocktails with a Master Mixologist

Oskar Kinberg, two time gold medal winner at the Cocktail Challenge, knows a thing or two about mixing cocktails. His eponymous Oskar’s Bar, located in the basement of one of london’s ‘hype’ restaurants, Dabbous, has developed a bit of a reputation for some of the most innovative cocktails in town. The revival of beer and cider cocktails, particularly, have been put down to Oskar’s methods. TRULY are offering the extraordinary opportunity to go behind the bar with Oskar himself, to make your very own cocktails. You might even want to become the next Tom Collins…

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Personalised Skincare, Based on Your DNA

Keeping your facial skin looking revitalised and refreshed has become order of the day recently. And little wonder. But there’s a certain somewhere taking this whole idea to a new level. At GENEU, they’ve developed technology that can match up your DNA to a skincare product that is unique to you.

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Head to a Treehouse Penthouse

Kruger National Park might be one of the best spots to witness the ‘big five’ – the lion, buffalo, elephant, leopard, and rhino. Stay within the confines of the national park, in a treetop penthouse. Your room may have no roof, but luxury is still assured. This, in fact, means you have a panoramic vantage point to witness safari in all its splendour, while the sunsets here are terrific.

Rise to the top >>

Safari treehouse

Tasting Menu with Kitchen Meet and Greet at One of Britain’s Best Restuarants

The Square has been a stalwart of the London restaurant scene for 23 years now. They’ve held two Michelin stars for 17 years, while chef-patron Phil Howard’s cooking has been consistently praised (the Good Food Guide has The Square as the eighth best restaurant in Britain this year). So you can be virtually assured of a meal of the highest quality when indulging in the tasting menu, while an opportunity to meet Phil and the rest of the kitchen team is not something you’d want to pass up on.

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Make Your Own Chocolate with Britain’s Best Chocolatier, William Curley

There are very few people who don’t like chocolate. In fact, there’s even a scientific reason for this. And William Curley makes the best-in-class confectionary. He’s not just a one time winner of ‘Britain’s Best Chocolatier’, as awarded by the Academy of Chocolate. Not twice or even thrice, in fact – he’s won the title five times. So you might say this is a chocolate masterclass with a difference – learning the entire process of how to make the perfect chocolate from bean to bar. William will even come to your own home.

Brew Your Own Beer

One of the leaders in the British craft beer craze that’s sweeping the nation, Partizan Brewing present an exceptional range of experimental brews. The most experimental of which could well be your very own bespoke beer. You’ll enjoy a day in the life of a brewer, a beer tasting session and then a consultation to design your own line. You’ll then get 1,600 bottles of the stuff to enjoy.

Design Your Next Pint >>

Dine Next to the Crown Jewels

The Tower of London’s Main Tower is most famous for Colonel Blood’s attempt to steal the Crown Jewels in 1671. The Crown Jewels remain there, alongside 12,000 other jewels, but the space has been converted into a delightful dining room. Here, you can enjoy a three-course dinner and private viewing of the Crown Jewels.

Regal Dining >>

Tower of London

Stay in the Home of Former French Nobility

Château Bouffémont is an almighty and beguiling structure. Designed in Renaissance Revivalist style, the property was designed by French nobility in the nineteenth century. Its first residents were the Marquise de Preignes and Baron Empain, but you can be its latest as you live like a baron(ess) for a weekend.

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Revitalise at the World’s Best Spa

Counting guests as diverse as Prince Charles and Oprah Winfrey among recent visitors, Ananda in the Himalayas is just about the world’s finest spa getaway destination. Guests here have their very own tailored health plan devised as soon as they arrive, with specialised treatments from world-class therapists and access to all the incredible facilities.

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Go Behind-the-Scenes at Sotheby’s

Whether it’s art, jewellery or antiques, Sotheby’s are just about the world authority. So it’s fair to say the company board room is well appointed. Lucky for you – as that’s the location where you’ll enjoy a three-course lunch, having been given a private tour of the famous London auction house and a specialist-led handling session. The lunch is prepared by Sotheby’s in-house chef, with the wine chosen by the international Head of Sotheby’s Wine…

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