10 Ways Sober October Will Benefit You

Everything in moderation is what we’re told! And who doesn’t love a tipple now and then, and now, and then. But how much does alcohol really affect you? Here’re ten ways in which the Go Sober for October challenge which benefits Macmillan Cancer Support, can change your life:

  1. You’ll Have More Energy

Alcohol interferes with your sleep pattern, so even if you’re not hungover the next day, you’ll still be more tired than usual. By not drinking, you can establish an energy-boosting daily schedule, a regular sleep pattern, and maybe even *cough* hit the gym…

  1. You’ll Actually Workout

See, we weren’t lying. Besides having more energy for exercise, you’ll also be consuming fewer calories: a typical beer is 250 calories, a medium glass of wine, 160 calories! Ingesting fewer calories means that you’ll get better, faster workout results.

  1. You’ll be Less Likely to Eat Junk Food

When you drink, your blood sugar goes on a rollercoaster ride, making you crave sweets and starchy foods. You’ll be more likely to make healthy eating choices if your blood sugar is stable.

  1. Fewer Mood Swings

Yeh, Mr. Grumpy Gills. Even though the beginning of the night may leave you feeling on top of the world, our favourite social lubricant is, indeed, a depressant. Not drinking means no more post-drinking blues, which directly affect your brain chemistry.

  1. Your Skin Will Clear Up

Because alcohol is a toxin that dehydrates you, it can make your skin look puffier, drier, and prone to breakouts. When your liver and kidneys aren’t working overtime to process alcohol, your body has a chance to recover and heal.

  1. You’ll Have Great Sex

Sorry gents, it’s true: too much alcohol over an extended period of time can make it more difficult to get and maintain an erection.

Go Sober - Better Sex

  1. No More Snoring

In your dreams, I hear you say. No, really, alcohol relaxes the muscles in your throat and disrupts your normal sleep schedule, which causes you to snore. On behalf of your partner’s quality of sleep, we thank you for participating in Go Sober for October.

  1. You’ll Finally Get Rid of Your Beer Belly

Alcohol increases insulin production, which makes your body store fat around your middle. Once your stop drinking, you’ll be surprised how fast your waist whittles down.

Go Sober - Beer Belly

  1. You’ll Have More Free Time

Have you ever lost an entire day to a hangover? Ever skipped on plans because you got too far deep into a night on the town? Imagine all the things you could do and achieve with that time instead.

  1. You Might Reevaluate Your Views on Drinking

Mixing up your drinking habits makes you think about your relationship with alcohol. Even if you don’t finish out the year sober, going sober this October will help you balance your alcohol intake, which is definitely a positive.

Keep going, soberheroes! And while you’re fighting the good cause, check out a few of our alcohol-free London experiences, including: afternoon tea at the Mandarin Oriental, a relaxing spa day at the Dorchester, or chocolate tasting with Mast Brothers!

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