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There’s an abundance of food and culture in London, and while none of us will ever get to sample all of it, some might get very close. To brush up on our knowledge, we asked Angie, better known as the blogger behind SilverSpoon London, about restaurants, the capital, and restaurants in the capital. So let us introduce you to the woman in question. Or rather, let her introduce herself.

Hi Angie. Could you tell us a little about what you do?

I have a luxury lifestyle blog called SilverSpoon London. It’s a fun and fabulous little corner of the internet fusing London life, foodie adventures and luxury travel. I like to inform my readers about the enduring luxurious locations both in London and abroad, as well as the latest happenings and anything new and exciting.

Starting with the obvious, do you have a favourite restaurant in town? What makes it so?

I absolutely love Asian food, and I adore places with a funky and cool vibe, so my top choices are Roka, Zuma, Nobu and Hakkasan. All of which have become London institutions. For dining for a special occasion, the best place I’ve ever been to is Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester. It simply can’t be beaten in terms of food, service and restaurant design.

Hakkasan's Dim Sum

Hakkasan’s Dim Sum

Any up and coming places, restaurants or otherwise, you might recommend?

I wish I could visit everywhere but I’d definitely need a clone! The best new or newish places that I’ve visited this year are Chotto Matte, Grain Store and City Social. Places I’m keen to try that have had rave reviews from bloggers and critics are Fera, Gymkhana and Clove Club. There has been plenty of attention for The Typing Room, Lyles, The Palomar and Picture, and all are on my list to try.

The spa or ‘wellness trend’ takes a bit of getting into for some. Any tips for beginners?

Start simple with a manicure or pedicure, make a day out of it, get lunch, get champagne, then relax and enjoy!

You’re a fan of Corinthia’s spa. What makes it so different to the others?

I just love plush surroundings and total luxury. And that’s what you get at The Corinthia. No one is hurrying you along, and you can really take your time and relax and enjoy the facilities. I find it hard to take downtime though – I usually still get my phone out in the relaxation areas!

I generally prefer hotel spas as they’re much more private too. I like the spa in Harrods but it’s very open – you can’t just wander around in a robe and slippers. My other top choice would be the gorgeous spa at The Dorchester Hotel, which also includes the very beautiful Spatisserie restaurant.

Grain Store Trout

Grain Store’s Trout

What is London lacking that other places in the world aren’t?

Sunshine! Seriously, I love London and though I adore travel I’ve never visited a city that I love more than London. It’s got it all: restaurants, theatre, culture, and there are so many diverse and interesting places to go. Having said that my husband and I also fell in love with Sydney – it must be wonderful to live in a huge cosmopolitan city with a beach.

Finally, is there anything in the capital you’re looking forward to most? Or is there even more to explore?

London is so organic and constantly changing – when one place closes a new one opens – so there’s always somewhere new to try. Just when you think you’ve found your new favourite place, another one pops up somewhere.

But there’s still so much more to see, eat and drink! I’d like to complete my collection of Michelin star restaurants and visit more of the fabulous markets, plus there are so many brunches to try and afternoon teas that I’ve never sampled. The list is, of course, never ending…

Most lavish restaurants:

1. Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester

2. Gordon Ramsay Royal Hospital Road

3. The Ledbury

4. Galvin at Windows

5. The Square

Places I always go back to:

1. Nobu

2. Hakkasan

3. Roka

4. Zuma

5. Scott’s

My favourite hotspots:

1. Duck and Waffle

2. Sushi Samba

3. City Social

4. Chotto Matte

5. Buddha Bar

Trendy but yet to visit:

1. Fera

2. Gymkana

3. Barnyard

4. The Palomar

5. Ember Yard

Great for lunch/brunch:

1. The Orange in Pimlico

2. The Botanist Sloane Square

3. Any of the Firmdale hotels

4. Cecconis in Mayfair

5. Any of the Caprice Group restaurants

Spas I love:

1. The Spa at the Dorchester

2. The Spa at The Corinthia

3. Urban Retreat at Harrods

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